19 Pop Culture Moments That Made Us Emoji Handclap In 2014

From Beyonce's ****Flawlessness to Kim Kardashian's Internet explosion, these are our favorite pop culture moments of the year.

The past 12 months have been... um, kind of a lot. We got "Fancy," learned "All About That Bass," bought ugly Christmas sweaters from Beyoncé and learned everything you needed to know (and wayyy more than we wanted) about condoms.

It's too much to cram down into a list, but we're going to do it anyway, because come January 1, we have to wipe our mental hard drives and start all over again. So, without further ado, and in no particular order, here are the 19 pop culture moments that made us...

    Pretty Much Everything Miley Cyrus Did
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    She grinded on Madonna, tried to make the Nae Nae happen, made out with Katy Perry midshow, humped just about everything in sight on her Bangerz tour. And, oh yeah, pretty much made us bawl when she brought out her homeless friend Jesse at the VMAs. Blue Ivy's Birthday Pics
    When you're the daughter of hip-pop royalty birthdays are a little different. Okay, a lot different. Like, that tiara might have real diamonds in it. We're just saying. Every 'Simpsons' Episode Ever
    DOH! This FXX "Simpsons" marathon broke our brain, in the best way possible. D'Angelo Pulled A Beyoncé, In The Greatest Way After waiting years for Black Messiah, the soul-stirrer dropped it unexpectedly. ***Flawless. Speaking Of "***Flawless" Of course Bey and Nicki killed it in the remix video. All hail the queens. Speaking Of Nicki...
    Drake, it's okay, you weren't the only one who got "excited like hell" about the "Anaconda" video. As Long As We're Talking Drake This is the year Drake Tears became a thing. Ronnie Got Mad Ripped
    Ronnie Magro's Instagram
    Forget the mustache for a minute and go back in time with us to remember when "Jersey Shore" star ROM got more jacked than ever. Emphasis on the "gym" part of "gym, tan, laundry." The Time Emma Stone Handed Jimmy Fallon His Ass All she does is win. The Kimye Wedding... And Kim's Butt
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    It was the blessed event that set the new standard for celebrity weddings... and then Kim broke the Internet, again. An 11-Year-Old Taught Us 'All About That Bass' Taylor Hatala's skills cannot be denied. Emma Watson Had The Perfect Response To The Celebrity Nude Pic Leak SHUT... IT... DOWN. T-Pain Put Down The Auto-Tune And Picked Up Our Hearts His NPR concert proved he can really saaaaang! Taylor Shook It Off
    Between her summer-crushing single, its page-turning monster follow-up, a bold stance against Spotify, her ever-increasing list of A-list pals and a platinum opening week, Taylor Swift basically owned 2014. Mariah Went All In With Her Album Title Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse was obviously the best album name on her short list. Kendrick Lamar And Macklemore Were Grown-Ups
    Even though Kendrick got aced out at the Grammys, he was as gracious in defeat as Macklemore was in victory. Also K.Dot released the inspiring self-love anthem "i" later in the year, which was a win for all of us. That Time Ariana Grande Avoided Certain Death
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    Sure, it was funny when AG was almost taken out by a VS Angel's wings, but that was kind of the capper to an amazing year when she went public with BF Big Sean and made her "Problem" our problem. OutKast Came Back And It Felt Like They Never Left
    Sure, Andre tarnished it a bit recently by saying his heart wasn't in it, but 3000 and Big Boi gave the people what they wanted during a year-long reunion tour. And Draven Rodriguez Got His Laser Cat Photo After All
    Vincent Giordano / Trinacria Photography
    We were in Rodriguez's corner the whole time, and when he finally won the right to appear in his yearbook photo with his furry friend Mr. Bigglesworth all we could say was, "PAWS UP!"