Blue Ivy's 2nd Year In Pics: Bow Down To The Birthday Baby

Need proof of Blue's royalty? Look no further.

Blue Ivy is miniature royalty. Not in a baby George kind of way... after all, her parents, Beyoncé and Jay Z, aren't exactly English dukes. But in way where if she wanted a diamond-encrusted Barbie (or not), she'd get it.

It's Blue's second birthday, but we can only imagine the b-day celebration going down in the Carter house. So, while we hold our own party for the tot, let's take a look back at her year on the toddler-sized throne.

Need any more proof of royalty? See below:


Need we say more? This post could be over now if we didn't want to keep looking at baby pics.

Monogrammed Couture

B.I.C. has a blinged-out leather jacket with her name in gold studs. Oh, sorry, you thought your engraved bracelet was cool? Try again.

Her Mom's Halo Is REAL

Beyoncé stepped off her Queen Bee platform to hand the honor to Blue on Halloween. Bzzzzzz...

Playground Dominance

She may look like a normal kid here, but we're sure she was king of the jungle gym in no time.

Exotic Locales

Baby Blue travels the world, there's no doubt about it. Look at her on the beach with a flower-crowned mommy.

She Already Owns The Stage

Bow down, Blue already has fans.

Paps Can't Stay Away

Where are the paps shots of baby George? Yeah...

Ocean Adventurer

*Beyoncé voice*: Look, Blue, one day this will all be yours...

Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaants ingonyamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Oh, you know, just hangin' with dad Simba-style in an infinity pool on some palm-tree-planted island I probably own.

Baby In Charge

Her initials may mean Blue Ivy Carter, but it wouldn't be too far off to say that she's the Baby In Charge, especially when she has her own director's chair to call the shots from.