The 'Simpsons' Marathon Has Us Wondering What Else We Could Do In 12 Days

Our dozen alternatives include circling the world, listening to every Beyonce album and watching every 'LOTR' movie.

Let's get this part out of the way first: Whoooooo!!!!

That's pretty much all we can say about the news that FXX is going to make their $750 million investment in "The Simpsons" reruns count by kicking off their rebroadcasts with a 12 day marathon featuring all 552 episodes.




So, from August 21 through Labor Day (September 1) you can strap in for what the network promises will be the longest continuous marathon in TV history.

That's a lot of time spent watching couch gags, so we wondered: What else could you do in the time it will take to watch every one of Homer's bad choices?

1. Visit The Moon ... Twice

2. Watch Every Episode Of "The Cape"

The (sort of) beloved NBC superhero drama premiered In January 2011 and died an ignoble death after just 10 episodes. With only 450 minutes to choose from, you could watch the entire run more than 36 times.

3. Get A Couple Of College Degrees

We know good things come to those who wait, but if we could get a BA in 7 days, hell, why not go for two?

4. Lose A Guy, With Two Days To Spare

5. Circle The Globe Twice Without Using Any Fossil Fuels

The sun-powered Solar Impulse 2 will try to circumnavigate the globe in five days next year.

6. Marathon The "Lord of the Rings" Trilogy 25.5 Times

We're talking special extended edition version, too.

7. Read The Entire "Harry Potter" Series

According to the Internet, it can be easily done in about two weeks.

8. Buy Four "Simpsons" LEGO Sets If You Earn Minimum Wage In New York

They're $199.99 each!

9. Listen To Every Beyoncé And Destiny's Child Album 24 Times

Including Xmas and greatest hits compilations.

10. Take 288 Hot Yoga Classes

And then probably collapse in a very smelly, exhausted heap.

11. Walk Almost 8 Percent Of The Great Wall Of China

If you average 3 m.p.h. for 12 hours a day, assuming you don't have to carry Justin Bieber on your back.

12. Totally Destroy The Guinness World Record For The Longest First Person Shooter Marathon

Chris Gloyd and Timothy Bell went more than 5 days playing "Resistance" in March 2012.