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We Know Where You Can Get Beyonce's Christmas Sweater

Hopefully you have some pennies leftover from your Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend because, well, we know where you can get the merch from Beyonce’s new "7/11" video. I KNOW. Last week, we wondered whether Bey had, in fact, teased new merch in the video and, yep, she did and, yep, you can cop it for yourself—or others, if you're selfless—just in time for the holidays.

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Spring, one of our fave shopping apps ever, nabbed Bey's new merch—yet again!—and is selling it all for under $40.

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This light blue "No Angel" tee, which made an appearance in the video, is going for $35.


There's a "Bae Yoncé" shirt—which is exclusive to Spring!—also for $35.


And while those two tees are obviously awesome, the greatest gift you can give this holiday season is definitely an "All I'm Really Asking For Is You" long-sleeve shirt. While it's not exactly an Ugly Christmas Sweater™ like we hoped, it gets the job done, right?? I mean, "Mine" lyrics + Christmas-y font = perfect holiday top for all occasions.

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You can check out all Bey's new merch—including her NCLA nail wraps!—on Spring, and if you want to shower us with gifts, we'll tell you where to send ’em. Just sayin'.