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This Twist On Taylor Swift's 'Blank Space' Video Will Send A Chill Down Your Spine

What if 'Blank Space' was the trailer for a horror film? What if that was Taylor's plan all along?

Earlier this week Taylor Swift released the visuals for her new official single "Blank Space," and the video is filled with vilified, crazy-ex-girlfriend tropes that veer toward the dramatic. So obviously, we adored every minute of it—especially the behind-the-scenes reveals.

But, as is the case with almost everything Taylor does these days, people wanted to take it even farther. Which is why Slate put together this clip that re-imagines "Blank Space" as if it were the trailer for a horror film.

The result is an obviously funny play on the video, but it's also surprising how well the scenes fit into the model we've come to expect from a thriller!

Perhaps Taylor had this planned all along...? She's always one step ahead of us.