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Hold On, Beyonce And Jay Z Were At Taylor Swift's Birthday Party??

And basically every single other celebrity you can think of.

Today is basically a holiday because it is Taylor Swift's birthday. And not just any birthday—it's the big 2 5 for Tay Tay! No more feelin' 22 for this pop star, she's entering IRL adulthood as we speak. So obviously MTV is celebrating with our own countdown of her 25 most memorable moments, but that definitely didn't stop Taylor from throwing a party of her own.

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Like, the most celebrity-packed party ever, according to this Instagram. While I'm well aware that Taylor is BFFs with everyone I've ever wanted to hang out withLorde, Karlie Kloss and Selena Gomez to name just a few—this Instagram still kind of took my breath away.

I'm sorry, is that BEYONCE and Jay Z??? Is that Justin Timberlake??? Wait, Sam Smith too???

She just casually posts this like it's nothing? I mean I know she moved to NYC and 1989 has been a big deal for her, but really, she's now friends with Beyonce. And Haim? And how on earth did JT get an IRL poop emoji mask? I'm so jealous I can barely stand it.

Sam Smith also posted his own pictures of the night:

As did Nick Jonas:

Taylor please double check next time that my invite doesn't get lost like it clearly did for last night. I am so good at posing for two part pictures and I will get you the best present ever. Just invite me to your 26th birthday party PLEASE.