Forget Butts! 2014 Was The Year Of Ariana Grande And Big Sean's Love

2014 is the year of true love.

Sure, you can celebrate 2014 by remembering important milestones like Olympic events, political triumphs and giant storms. You can even go in the opposite direction and proclaim 2014 the Year of the Booty, thanks to Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" and Kim Kardashian breaking the Internet. But I have to give it to Big Sean and Ariana Grande -- their relationship has been a highlight of the year.

Forget butts! We want true love. Especially since we don't have Jelena anymore. So let's take a look back at one of our favorite couples of 2014.

  1. Getty Images

    The Big Grande relationship may have started way earlier, but it was when Ariana brought Big Sean out as a surprise guest at Wango Tango that we started to get a hint at what was going on.

  2. May - Ariana's 'Problem' video, featuring Big Sean

    Sean didn't need to be in the "Problem" video -- after all, it was Iggy Azalea's feature -- but he made a cameo whispering in Ariana's ear.

  3. August - VMAs

    Aaaaaaand our suspicions were confirmed after Ariana finished performing at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards and the two were caught holding hands on the show's backstage camera!

  4. August - In concert

    A couple who has a thing together sings together.

  5. September 27 - Leaving 'Saturday Night Live'
    Splash News

    After she performed on "Saturday Night Live," we started seeing Sean and Ari together everywhere. Wherever she was, you'd most likely see him backstage.

  6. Twitter/ @BigSeanNews

    Someone got this cute picture of their date on the Revenge of the Mummy ride. Spooky!

  7. October - Matching tweets

    It's like they finish each other's... sandwiches.

  8. October - Big Sean tells us how he feels about Ariana

    They have great "chemistry," he said, confirming they have new music on the way.

  9. November - Couple selfie

    OK, now they're just rubbing their true love in our faces.

  10. Getty Images

    This was their first performance together on TV, and it was perfect.

  11. December - Backstage PDA

    Can you two get a room?

  12. December - Jingle Ball

    Ariana brought along her boyfriend to do their duet, "Best Mistake."

  13. Yesterday - 'Happiest.'

    On Monday, both Sean and Ariana shared this photo of them in their happiest moment.

Best relationship ever.