Taylor Swift Embraces The Angst In New 'Shake It Off' Outtakes

But don't let them fool you—the modern dancers were just as goofy.

Have you had enough of "Shake it Off" in your life? No? OK, good. Glad I'm not alone there. Taylor Swift released the third episode of her "Outtakes" series and this time around we get to giggle at her modern dance technique.

The angst-driven dance segment takes a twist from the Awkward cheerleader hops and the "Mom and Dad" moves Tay busted out amidst her poised, professional ballet dancers.

Swift also reveals how exhausted she was while shooting the video, apparently, she could barely maintain her energy level between takes and was even nodding off during her breaks.

"There's been so much cardio to, like, wear me out," she said. "We do several takes of each full pass at the song, and the whole time I'm full-out and the dancers around me are all full-out and so we're all pretty wiped out. And then they get to go home, and I move on to the next style of dance," the singer says.

The modern dancers weren't all about the angst though. Director Mark Romanek asks the group to try "expressing what you're actually hearing" and absolute hilarity ensues: