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Dream Date
Season 9 E 13 • 07/20/2008
Diana, a 17-year-old senior, isn't the most popular kid at Roseburg High School in Roseburg, Ore. As a geeky anime fanatic who constantly wears cat-ear hats, she'd rather play video games and dream up characters with her friends than spend time talking to boys. But with senior prom on the horizon, Diana is starting to worry that her shyness around guys will make her miss out on an essential high school experience. Since she can't exactly bring her cartoon crush, Edward from the comic book Fullmetal Alchemist, she'll need to ditch her dorky ways in order to meet some real boys. She'd love to go with her flesh-and-blood crush, David, but confidence is far from her strong suit. That's why she wants to be MADE into a dream date. One day during an after-school Japanese club meeting, Diana is surprised by her MADE coach, Stephanie Myers, a blonde bombshell and former contestant on The Apprentice. Stephanie takes Diana aside and outlines the three steps they must take to make her a dream date. Diana must increase her confidence, become fashion savvy and get comfortable around boys. The third step will be the toughest, so with that in mind, Stephanie gives Diana her first assignment: find five boys and get their name, phone number and a Polaroid. Unfortunately, Edward doesn't count. Since the next day is Saturday and Diana isn't at school, she is clueless about where to go to find guys. She decides to try her luck at the bowling alley and, despite a queasy stomach, she finally musters up the courage to ask a guy for his name and number. He happily obliges. Pleased with her initial success, Diana runs with her newfound confidence, surpassing her five-guy goal. Things are going well ... until one of the guys asks for her number in return. Diana freezes up at the request and decides to go home. Wait, wasn't this supposed to be about finding a date? Expecting praise for her stellar work, Diana is disappointed when MADE coach Stephanie Myers immediately moves on to critiquing her wardrobe. With her closet filled with jeans and anime T-shirts, Diana's wardrobe is definitely going to need an overhaul. Stephanie also warns Diana that she needs to practice wearing heels before the big prom night. At school, Diana's hangout session is interrupted when Krista, her new style coach, crashes the party to deliver a pair of sparkly stilettos to the aspiring diva. The uncomfortable shoes have Diana in agony by the end of the day -- who knew prom could be so painful? When the weekend arrives, Diana just wants to sleep all day, but Stephanie has set her up on some blind dates. After learning the basics of flirting on a mock date, Diana gets thrown headfirst into the dating world by going out with a couple of male models. She survives the experience, but when Stephanie meets with Diana's dates to get the post-game report, she is nervous to hear that all Diana could talk about was anime. Stephanie decides to take swift action, forcing Diana to take down all of her anime posters in her room. It's a tearful goodbye, but Diana will never get a date if she keeps reminding guys of their little brother. Hoping to cheer Diana up, MADE coach Stephanie Myers takes her shopping for some more stylish threads. When they find an outfit that works, Stephanie tells Diana to wear it to school so she can ask David on a casual date. The next day, people love Diana's new look -- even David, who agrees to show her some skateboarding moves after school. The two really seem to get along and the informal date is a success. When Diana learns he hasn't asked anyone to prom yet, her dream date is looking like a real possibility. But Diana has little time to relish in her success before she's whisked off to San Diego, Calif., with Stephanie. For her first assignment in the sun, Diana must put on a polka dot bikini and build a sandcastle with boys she finds on the beach. The thought of her blindingly white body amid a sea of tan Californians is a scary one, and Diana is brought to tears. But a quick pep talk from Stephanie puts Diana in better spirits and she finds a pair of guys to chill with in the sand. Surprisingly, she has a great time, and even exchanges e-mail addresses with one of the guys. That night, Diana gets an e-mail from Trey, her beach buddy, and an ecstatic Stephanie demands that they go out to celebrate. After enjoying some fine cuisine, Stephanie gives Diana another assignment. It's time to ask David on a second, more romantic date and really turn up the flirting. Back in Oregon, Diana gets a reality check when David rejects her invitation. Completely devastated, a teary-eyed Diana calls style coach Krista for some comfort. Krista encourages her to find someone even better than David to take to prom, and Diana doesn't have to think too hard before she decides to ask Trey. Much to her surprise, he agrees to come all the way from California to go to prom with her! With only a few days left before the big night, Diana's MADE coaches team up to help her with the final preparations. Diana finds a sassy dress, gets her hair done and even gets her ears pierced -- now she's officially girlie. Prom finally arrives and, as Trey pulls up in a limo, Diana is nervously optimistic that it will be a promising night. When she greets Trey at the door, he is blown away by her new look. At the main event, everyone is amazed at Diana's transformation, even a slightly jealous David. Diana is having the time of her life, and just when she thinks things can't get any better, Trey grabs her hand, takes her outside and gives her a kiss! No longer the shy, boy-fearing girl in cat ears, Diana has been MADE into a confident and flirtatious female. She proved once and for all that even anime lovers can get a dream date to prom.