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Prom King
Season 9 E 5 • 06/14/2008
A jean-jacket wearing, mullet-sporting misfit, John is the kind of guy who sits by himself at the corner table of Hortonville High School's lunch room. Since he lost his father in a swimming accident when he was seven, John has had a hard time letting people into his life. Compounding these issues is his weight, which seriously affects his confidence around girls. But John has finally had enough. Not only is this Wisconsinite sick of being known for his horrible hair, but he's fed up with always being the odd man out when it comes to dating. John wants to prove to everyone at his school that he can open up to people, be confident and go from awkward outsider to Mr. Popularity. At Hortonville High, there's only one way to do it: being Prom King. He's hoping that by being MADE into a winner he can put his loner life behind him and maybe even garner some luck with the ladies -- especially Brittany, his crush since freshman year. It won't be easy. Being elected Prom King means running against the most popular kids in school. His classmates don't think his chances of winning are very good, and even his family is having a hard time believing in him. His sister chuckles at the very notion of Prom King John, but who will have the last laugh? At the end of a long and uneventful day, Hortonville High gets a surprise visit from Deon: model, actor and John's MADE coach. Once Deon finds John at his locker, John reveals that he wants to be Prom King so that he can open up and slim down. Deon remembers what it was like to be a shy high school student and is excited about helping John break out of his shell. The first thing on Deon's agenda is John's weight. So John hits the gym to tackle the problem head-on with the help of Eric, a personal trainer. It's rough going the first day, but John survives and heads off to the next phase of Deon's plan: hip-hop dance class. Already skeptical about any activity that has him wearing sweatpants, John is even more uncomfortable when he finds out that the rest of class is 8th grade girls. And, as if that wasn't mortifying enough, John couldn't exactly shake it as well as his classmates. After the session, a frustrated John makes no guarantees about coming back. Though the path to becoming royalty is a demanding one, John still takes the time to participate in forensics, a speaking competition that is his favorite after-school activity. John is delivering his speech at a big meet when MADE coach Deon drops by unexpectedly to observe John "in his element." Unfortunately for Deon, he finds John's element to be a real snore. With this in mind, Deon devises a new plan of action. John needs to join some more exciting clubs so he can get himself out in the social scene. John eventually decides on the environmental club, and he starts ramping up his campaign for Prom King. With the rest of his preparations well underway, John decides to focus on getting a prom date. He tells Deon about his plan to ask his long-time crush, Brittany, during study hall, but the ever wise Deon warns his young apprentice to "slow his roll." He thinks it would be better for John to ask her on a regular date first to test the waters. John agrees, and eventually musters up the courage to ask Brittany to go bowling with him. She says yes! Maybe there really is hope for this mulleted misfit. After a disastrous private dance lesson where he learned a routine for prom, John heads to the gym for some cardio. But John hates cardio, and by the end of his session he's poised for a total meltdown. Trying to balance getting MADE with his normal life, combined with the threat of failure, is causing him major stress. Fortunately, Eric talks him through it, encouraging John to view working out as an outlet for his stress rather than just another source. Crisis averted! Hoping to put his bad workout behind him, John preps for his big date. He dons his Sunday best, slicks up his mullet and hits the lanes. Though his bowling game isn't up to snuff, his other game seems to be doing the trick, and he and Brittany are having a great time. Confident that everything is going well, John decides its time to pop the prom question. Unfortunately, Brittany turns him down, explaining that she already has plans with her friends. Ouch! The wind taken out of his sails, John wonders what he'll do next. MADE coach Deon has the answer: shop! John heads to PacSun where he is pleased to find three models waiting to help him pick out some trendy new beach clothes. But why would this Wisconsin boy need swim trunks? Simple, because MADE coach Deon's surprising him with a spring break trip to Florida! Deon thinks that a change of scenery will really help John out. Down in sunny Florida, John and Deon get in a quick beach workout before hitting a club. However, John's hip-hop classes don't translate to the dance floor, and the night ends in disappointment. The next day, MADE coach Deon sets up a scavenger hunt that forces John to interact with the ladies. Surprisingly, he finds more success than he thought he would. But can he bring this new confidence back home? With just two weeks till prom, John gets right back to training with Eric. Then, Deon has another challenge for him: shake hands with all 264 members of his junior class. Time to put that spring break ego boost to the test! John succeeds, and even gets some of his new friends to help him make campaign posters. All his hard work pays off, as John becomes one of three boys elected to Prom Court. However, only one of them can be Prom King, and John still doesn't have a date. Revitalized by the good news, John hits the gym again and puts in a solid workout. Then, he and Deon head to the mall to ditch the jean jacket and mullet once and for all. When John unveils his new look at school the next day, everyone is floored. Compliments come at him by the truckload, and he soaks up his newfound popularity. More confident than ever, he decides to ask Brittany to the prom one more time. Impressed by how far he's come, she instantly accepts. The day of the junior prom arrives and John is having the time of his life with the date of his dreams. As the moment of truth draws near, John is hopeful -- and more than little bit nervous. When Brittany is announced as Prom Queen he gets more reason to hope, and more reason to worry. The envelope is opened ... and John is Prom King! The royal couple shares a dance in the spotlight for a truly a storybook ending. It feels good to be MADE.