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Model Challenge
Season 9 E 25 • 11/12/2008
Anna Johnson is a high school student from the laid back town of New London, Minnesota. She describes herself as shy, sheltered and out-casted by her peers. She feels that her self image is being affected by all of the teasing she gets for being so tall. In order to gain self-confidence and more positive attention, Anna wants to be made into a model. When Anna runs the idea by her parents, Dad wonders if modeling is the answer to gaining self confidence. After she fully pleads her case, both her Mom and her Dad give her the go ahead. The next day while Anna is working at a bed and breakfast, she receives a call from a disgruntled guest. The guest couldn't get the answers he wanted about where to find some good designer sheets, so he decides to come to the lobby and talk to Anna face to face. After he tells Anna he is disappointed with her lack of fashion knowledge, he reveals that he will be her new Made coach. He hands over the heels and demands that she lives in them for rest of the time they are working together. Anna meets her Made coach at the mall soon after to shop for some confidence boosting outfits. All is going well until Glamo hands her a pair of grey tights. When she can barely come out of the dressing room without crying, it becomes evident that Anna has a problem with the skintight outfit. Glamo breaks it to her that she will also have to wear this outfit along with the heels for the remainder of the time. She overcomes her fear of wearing the formfitting spandex outfit by showing up to runway practice with the outfit on. When Anna insists on wearing her "broken in" heels for the rest of practice, Glamo storms off. Anna finishes crying she meets Glamo in the parking lot to discuss some ground rules. She demands that he only gives her constructive criticism. Glamo reminds her that she will find none of that in the modeling industry. She agrees to continue the process but refuses to give Glamo a hug just yet. Anna has a heart to heart with her Dad later on at home. She explains how Glamo's personality is making it difficult for her to push on. After venting she realizes that despite their personality conflicts, Glamo really does know what he is talking about. After a week of training, Glamo tells Anna's parents that he is taking her to New York to live the model life. Once in the city, Anna says goodbye to her mom and settles into her new apartment. To Anna's surprises, there is already another girl sleeping in her bed. When she wakes the stranger, she realizes that she too is wearing a skintight grey outfit. It became clear to Anna that she hasn't been Glamo's only project. The new girl Keia and Anna bond over their dislike for Glamo, the arguments they've gotten into and how they both consider themselves geeks. As they are chatting they hear the sound of heels clicking down the hallway. Is it the dreaded Glamo? No. It's but another spandex wearing model wannabe! Only this girl, Leisha doesn't mind the outfit and hasn't gotten into one fight with Divo. Anna and Keia suddenly don't like Leisha as much anymore. Next comes in Divo, who lets the girls know that it isn't just a funny coincidence, but that it's competition! The girls find out that only one of them will win a year modeling contract after competing in a final runway show. Glamo immediately asks the girls to get up and prove to him that they have been practicing their catwalks. It seems like Anna is the only one who really practiced. After a field trip to the Boss Modeling Agency, Glamo tells the girls that their first "Go See" will be tomorrow. This is when various designers will judge if they are good enough to model their clothes. Glamo tells them to dress plainly and to bring their portfolios. Not only were they all late to their first "Go Sees," no designer had any problem telling Keia that she needed to lose weight. The last stop is to see Isaac Mizrahi, who tells them that they should all burn the clothes they are wearing. When they get back to the house, Glamo also tells them that their outfits were all wrong. Anna flips out while Glamo helps her find a more suitable outfit causing him to storm out yet again. Anna calls her Mom to complain more about Glamo. Lucky for her, Glamo sent Julia to coach the girls for the day. Through a series of "feel good" exercises, she helped the girls feel more confident with themselves. Julia also took them to the streets to approach random women to give them compliments. The girls also gave the strangers "crowns of confidence" to seal the deal. Later on when Glamo arrives, the girls express their thanks for all of his help and also give him a "crown of confidence." After more and more practice, it's finally makeover time! The girls love their new looks and the mother's barely recognize them. While visiting Susan Shultz from Cosmopolitan Magazine, they discover that they will also win a photo shoot to be featured in an upcoming issue. Their next challenge is to pose for a Greek Goddess photo shoot. Anna picks the male model Drew to be her partner for the shoot. Later that night, when the boy models take the girls out for a night on the town, Drew and Anna really hit it off. The whole next day Anna couldn't get the new boy off of her mind. Despite her being sidetracked she got chosen alongside Keia to be used in a test shoot. When Leisha isn't picked, she realizes that this competition isn't as easy as she thought it would be. When the girls get fitted for the final fashion show they discover that Drew just so happens to be modeling for the same event. He tells all three girls that he would love to take them out for another night out on the town as a group. But Anna quickly swoops in to request a one on one date for that night. He agrees and the other two girls aren't too happy about it. The date couldn't have been more perfect, but Anna is defiantly tired for the big Cosmo shoot. The creative director for the magazine said that all the girls did great which makes the competition even steeper. For the last three days before the shoot, Glamo has the girls doing ballet, belly dancing and more strutting. Glamo is still not satisfied with their walks. He calls in Top Model winner Jacqueline Gonzalez to help them with their struts. She reminds them that they need attitudes to go along with their walks. The night before the big day, Glamo comes over to calm their nerves with some face masks and words of wisdom. He reminds them that they will be judged by a panel for their walk as well as their portfolios after the fashion show. While Anna is getting her hair done for the show, Drew comes by to tell her that she is looking hot. Anna knows that the only way she will be able to see Drew again is by winning the contract. The pressure is on. Glamo wishes the three girls the best of luck and the show begins. All three girls killed it on the runway with their walks and fierce attitudes, but only one can win the year contract and Cosmo spread. The panel of judges beckon the girls and announce that the winner is Anna. To Glamo's surprise the first thing Anna does is thank him over the microphone. Glamo felt like a proud parent despite all of their issues working together. Glamo reminds Leisha and Keia that they are still models even though they didn't win. As the winner Anna says goodbye to Drew for now, she also scores her first kiss on top of the new contract and Cosmo spread.