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Season 9 E 26 • 11/01/2008
Amanda and Natalie are two fashionable college students who want to be MADE into nature-loving survivalists. These two best friends are ready to go to the extreme to get rid of their girlie-girl image. Amanda is a glamour girl from Michigan who is used to getting what she wants. Her partner in crime, Natalie, is always by her side -- especially at the tanning salon. They both believe that they are down-to-earth girls who just happen to think that makeup is very important. Being MADE into survivalists will help the girls become independent women who are rugged nature experts. When Amanda and Natalie tell their friends about their plans, all they get is a frog thrown at them as a practical joke. At the tanning salon, Amanda and Natalie are confused when their tanning beds are suddenly shut off. The two friends find a giant stuffed bear in the lobby with a note from their MADE coach. Once the girls find the courage to snag the note from the bear's mouth, they realize it is a treasure map. Amanda and Natalie get in a car to drive to the state park, where their MADE coach is waiting. They get lost numerous times and finally meet up with their coach, Erik, four hours later. Erik gives the girls a tent to set up, but when he makes it a race against the clock the girls ultimately fail and have to move on to the next activity. Erik shows Natalie a few of his wilderness tools, but she mistakes one of them for a mirror. Finally, Erik sits both girls down to talk about their goals. By the end of the journey, Natalie and Amanda should be able to survive in the wilderness, gain confidence and learn how to lead a group. Natalie and Amanda agree to the terms but are not pleased when MADE coach Erik makes them give up their high heels. In return, Erik gives them each a pair of hiking boots that they have to keep on at all times. The next morning, the girls get a wake-up call from Erik to go camping. It takes Amanda and Natalie a long time to get ready and put on their makeup but they are finally forced out of the house by Erik. While hiking, the girls try to adapt to their environment but Natalie has the worst time. Natalie continues to hairspray her hair while Amanda freaks out when a bug lands on her head. Coach Erik decides to take them kayaking, but Natalie freaks out again when she has to get out of the boat. In the end, Amanda shines as a true leader. Overwhelmed by how much work needs to be done, MADE coach Erik sits down to talk to Amanda and Natalie. In one week the girls will be sent on a three-week trip to Alaska, where they will have to survive in the wilderness. Both girls are upset that they won't have Erik with them, and they are unsure of how they can survive. For the next week, Erik teaches them how to cook and survive in the wilderness. Natalie still refuses to do most of the activities, especially when it comes to working out. When the girls must sleep in a tent by themselves, only Amanda cleans up the next morning. The last straw for Erik happens when he takes the girls rock climbing. Natalie doesn't want to do the activity and refuses to get off her cell phone. Erik gives her an ultimatum of rock climbing or keeping her cell phone -- and Natalie chooses her phone. Erik decides that it's becoming clearer that Natalie isn't ready to go to Alaska. After taking an inventory of their skills, MADE coach Erik has decided that only Amanda is ready to go to Alaska. Both girls are upset by the news and disagree with Erik's decision. With two days before the big trip, Amanda has little time to think about what it will be like to not have Natalie by her side. Natalie doesn't want Amanda to be upset and reads Amanda a note. She apologizes for not giving her all during their training and wishes Amanda the best of luck in Alaska. Amanda packs her bag and flies to Alaska, where she meets the group of people she will be roughing it with. They begin their journey and everything is going well for Amanda as she follows the others through the wilderness. Soon, the weather turns bad and Amanda isn't so sure about how well she's doing on the trip. After finding bear tracks in the mud and having to cross dangerous streams, Amanda gets frustrated with the trek through the woods. To keep her mind off things, Amanda decides to wash her hair since she hasn't showered in a week. The leaders of the group find out and tell her she broke the rules by using soap in a stream, which is unsafe for the environment. As a punishment, all of her soap is confiscated and she has to carry the group's trash. At this point, Amanda is ready to go home and forget about being a survivalist. When they have a day back in civilization, Amanda calls Natalie to tell her about the hard time she's having. Natalie encourages Amanda to keep on going and to have fun. Amanda decides not to quit and quickly changes her attitude about the trek. Before the last leg of the trip, MADE coach Erik surprises Amanda at the campsite and then announces that she will lead the group to the final campsite. Amanda is nervous about the idea but tries to forget about it while she celebrates her 19th birthday with the group. The next morning, Amanda is anxious about getting the group out on time and has a hard time getting everyone together. Finally, the group packs up and heads out. Amanda leads the group down the stream in her kayak and they reach their final destination. The group congratulates Amanda on a job well done. She has clearly been MADE into a survivalist.