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Ice Hockey Player
Season 9 E 14 • 08/10/2008
Sixteen-year-old Courtney is the self-proclaimed princess of New Jersey's Springfield High School. Always the life of the party, Courtney is well known as a fun loving, fashion forward girlie-girl. When she's not tearing up the social scene, she's pursuing her true passion: cheerleading. Unfortunately, at her school, only those who actually score points get any respect. Although Courtney loves cheering, she realizes that people will only take her seriously if she gets off the sidelines and into the game. But Courtney has more than a desire for respect to motivate her, she also hopes that proving herself as an athlete will help her get closer to her sports-crazy brother, Shaun. A star ice hockey player, Shaun's relationship with Courtney has been lukewarm at best. So, Courtney wants to follow in her brother's footsteps and be MADE into a slap-shot firing, board-crashing rink-rattler. She hopes to prove once and for all that she's more than a prissy cheerleader. Naturally, her friends and family -- especially her brother -- are less than confident in her success. School is out for the summer, but Courtney is in for a chilly afternoon. Outside, she finds a huge block of ice with an envelope frozen inside. Realizing that the note is probably from her MADE coach, Courtney gets right to work on smashing the enormous block. The note inside tells her to meet at the ice rink, but thanks to her brother ignoring her calls for a ride, Courtney arrives more than a half-hour late. Finding nothing but an empty rink, Courtney worries that her coach has already thrown in the towel. Suddenly, Courtney's MADE coach Chad Dlugolecki, a 30-year veteran of the sport and coach of the New Jersey Devils' Junior Team, bursts onto the ice. He starts Courtney off with a lesson in stopping, but her nerves seem to get the better of her. Talking with Courtney after the lesson, Chad reveals that there is a tournament in six weeks, and Courtney will have to work her butt off to make the team, let alone score a goal. With that, he gives Courtney her first assignment: learn the official rules of hockey. Of course, Courtney wasn't planning on spending her summer nights studying a rulebook, so she blows off the assignment. However, when she bombs her quiz, Chad makes her pay for it with a grueling workout, even though Courtney can barely keep her balance after changing into full hockey gear. Afterward, Chad assigns Courtney to practice her stick handling at home with a golf ball. Courtney neglects to practice, but does manage to get her stick cut down and taped with the help of her reluctant brother. The next day, MADE coach Chad Dlugolecki surprises her with an early morning off-ice practice. The agility training quickly frustrates Courtney, and she snaps. Not one to be rattled by a cranky cheerleader, Chad calmly, albeit sternly, reminds her that he's only there to help. Thankfully, Courtney's best friend, Beth, has flown in from Chicago for a visit -- that should cheer her up! However, Courtney still has one more practice to get through before spending time with her best bud. When Chad learns that Courtney lost her rulebook and didn't practice her stick skills, he lets her have it on the ice with an absolutely torturous practice. Chad is working her hard for a reason though, as her next practice will be a joint session with the local women's team, the Demons. Looking for some relaxation, Courtney and her friend Beth head to the beach, and Courtney is glad to have a weekend away from her MADE coach. But Chad has other plans. He realizes that the tournament is too close for her to take even one day off, so he interrupts the vacation by dragging Courtney out of bed for some off-ice practice. The practice is one of their worst ever, leaving both Chad and Courtney extremely frustrated. The drama continues when Courtney returns home. She's supposed to attend a full day of cheer camp with her team, but she also has practice with Chad and the Demons. Courtney's cheer coach refuses to let her out early, so an angry Chad crashes the camp. He demands that Courtney make a choice between cheering and hockey, and surprisingly Courtney opts for the latter. At home after another tough practice, Courtney complains to her parents about MADE coach Chad Dlugolecki berating her. Tired of Courtney's incessant whining, her brother harshly reminds Courtney that coaches are supposed to yell at players and get in their heads. Taking her brother's tough love to heart, Courtney agrees to attend a weeklong hockey camp, despite the fact that it will cut short her time with BFF Beth. When she arrives at camp in Minnesota, Courtney is immediately made aware of her inadequacies as a hockey player. Wishing that she had worked harder with Chad, Courtney struggles through each day. Drill after drill reveals a common theme: the only thing Courtney has a knack for is falling down. But just as she's about to give up, Courtney gets some inspiration from her camp roommate, Faryn, who is playing despite her asthma and back problems. Looking to match Faryn's tenacity, Courtney gives 110% for the rest of the week, even attending an optional practice where she finally perfects the art of stopping. Back home, Courtney gets thrown into the mix right away with a tryout for the upcoming tournament. Her skills secure her a spot on the team, but she has a lot of work to do to earn the respect of her teammates. Courtney steps up her efforts, refusing to disappoint her team ... or herself. On the day of the big tournament, things get off to a shaky start. Not only has a busted AC unit left the rink a foggy mess, but Courtney finds herself two steps behind for the first game, and her team suffers a loss. After getting some words of encouragement from MADE coach Chad Dlugolecki, Courtney steps on the ice for her second and final game. She battles as hard as she can and even comes within an inch of scoring a goal. When all is said and done, her team wins! Everyone is proud of Courtney after the game, including her brother. He knows how hard it was for her to commit to something like this and is glad that she saw it through. Courtney is glad too, and finally feels like she deserves respect. Transformed from prissy princess to hardcore hockey player in just a few weeks, Courtney has definitely been MADE.