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Pageant Queen
Season 9 E 6 • 06/12/2008
Dyanna is a boyish baller who has all the right moves on the court. But when it comes to manners and style, this high school junior from Gaithersburg, Md., is totally clueless. Even when she's not on the court, she's dressed to play ball. She usually wears sweats and T-shirts, and her idea of freshening up is spraying herself with air freshener. She acts like one of the boys -- burping, spitting and sporting hairy armpits. Dyanna feels like her rude, crude ways have been holding her back. She thinks it's time for people to see her as more than "a dude." That's why she wants to be MADE into an elegant and beautiful girlie-girl and go for the crown in the school beauty pageant. By becoming a beauty queen, Dyanna hopes to change people's attitudes toward her and even score a date. But can this jock turn into a jewel in just five weeks? When Dyanna tells her friends about her goal of being MADE into a beauty queen, they think she's joking. And her family is even less supportive, especially her father, who sees her as the son he never had. But Dyanna is determined to find her feminine side. Heading back to the locker room after basketball practice one afternoon, Dyanna finds her locker covered in pink. When she opens it, there's a pair of pink high heels inside and a note instructing her to put them on and head back to the gym. As one practice ends, her next one begins when she meets her fierce and fabulous MADE coach Kyle Haggerty, who has worked with contestants for Miss USA, Miss America and Miss Universe. When she shows him her best strut, Kyle cringes because she is far from graceful. Clearly, she needs a lot of work! The next day, Kyle surprises Dyanna at school, hoping to observe her in her natural habitat. Disgusted by some of her habits -- like chewing with her mouth open -- he wonders if he'll be able to change her. Next, he goes to Dyanna's house to meet her family and ask them all to sign an agreement saying they'll work as hard as they can to help Dyanna's dream come true. Dyanna's dad has mixed emotions about the upcoming transformation, saying he doesn't want her to lose who she is. Upon walking into Dyanna's room, MADE coach Kyle Haggerty is not happy with all the sports memorabilia and "guy stuff" decorating her walls. Ready to "girlify" her, Kyle brings Dyanna a bag of new clothes and accessories, including skirts and handbags. And he expects her to use them! The next day, Dyanna's plans to attend an all-star game with her dad are ruined when Kyle drags her to the spa instead. It's time for grooming 101! Dyanna gets a manicure, pedicure and a full body wax. Not only does Dyanna return home in pain from all the hair removal, but she also feels bad that she bailed on her dad. Early one morning, MADE coach Kyle Haggerty pops in to begin Dyanna's pageant training. He immediately makes her exchange her drab duds for a perky, pink outfit. Hoping to find her hidden talent for the pageant, he asks Dyanna to show him what she's got. She reveals that she likes to play the piano and write songs. Looks like we have a winner! Dyanna is in for a surprise the following day when she meets a batch of real beauty queens that Kyle trained. Ready to help her with her interviewing skills, they ask her questions about current events. Dyanna's answers -- or lack thereof -- are far from eloquent. After hearing her talk, the pageant pros teach Dyanna how to walk like a true beauty queen. While Dyanna is at school, MADE coach Kyle Haggerty and Dyanna's family overhaul her room so she's always surrounded by "prettiness." When Dyanna comes home, she finds her Spider-man poster and model cars have been replaced by pink, pink and more pink. Unhappy with the changes made behind her back, Dyanna breaks down and cries. After composing herself by going on a marathon shopping spree, Dyanna goes to school in new clothes, and her guy friends take notice. After strutting her stuff in the halls, she meets her pageant competition and learns she will need a male escort to walk her onstage during the show. Dyanna is less than thrilled about having to find a date for the big day, and breaking the news to her dad is even harder. In an attempt to help Dyanna find an escort, MADE coach Kyle Haggerty asks Dyanna to meet him at a cafe, where there is a table full of guys who want to be her date. But for Dyanna, finding a guy isn't as interesting as basketball, so she leaves before meeting the boys because she doesn't want to miss practice. As she walks out the door, Kyle says she's on her own from here on out. When Dyanna tells her family what happened, her father admits he has been selfish and unhelpful because he didn't want her to stop being his tomboyish buddy. He now realizes how important this is to her. So, after a pep talk from dad, Dyanna calls Kyle to apologize for bailing and promises to never have another "diva moment" again. Even though she's back in the game, Dyanna still doesn't have an escort, and she needs to find one ASAP. After some encouragement from her friends, she asks a popular guy named Tyler. But he ends up getting a little more than he bargained for when he agrees to go, as he must first get her dad's stamp of approval. Tyler has dinner with Dyanna's family and, after being put in the hot seat, ultimately gets the thumbs up. On pageant day, Dyanna gets her hair and makeup professionally done. When she looks in the mirror she starts to cry. MADE coach Kyle Haggerty is thrilled because she's finally "acting like a girl." After reapplying her makeup, Dyanna puts her game face on and heads to the pageant. In front of a sold-out crowd, Dyanna shows off her new look. But when she steps up to the mic to introduce herself, she stutters. Managing to maintain a smile, she keeps on going like a pro. During the talent portion, her song makes her father cry as the crowd waves their illuminating cell phones in the air. After hitting the stage in formal wear with Tyler by her side, Dyanna's transformation makes the crowd go wild. But now her fate is in the judges hands. After deliberating, the judges announce that Dyanna is the first runner-up. Not bad! Even though Dyanna didn't walk away with the crown, she got in touch with her feminine side and gained the confidence she needed to ask Tyler out. She admits that being MADE helped her go from "hot mess" to "little hottie!"