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Football Player
Season 9 E 20 • 10/05/2008
Sidhant Misra, a Columia High School student spends most of his time with his head in the books. His competitive nature has gotten him many awards in the spelling bee scene as well as a 4.0 average. His goals consist of getting a perfect SAT score, attending Harvard and to one day be a leading CEO. Lately Sidhant has been feeling that he hasn't made time for fun since the first day of high school. With all work and no play, Sidhant feels like he isn't as well rounded as he'd like to be. So how does this academic competitor want to fix that? By leading on the field as his high school's Quarter back. Sidhant's parents are less than excited about the idea. They just don't see how Sidhant will have the time to keep his 4.0. His peers are also worried about his physical well-being out on the field. The current quarter back Daryn also seems quite surprised that this bookworm is competing for his position on the team With all of this doubt in the air, Sidhant takes a visit to his high school football coaches office for some positive encouragement. Unfortunately Coach Odile doesn't seem to optimistic about Sidhant's size or about the fact that Sidhant has never played football a day in his life. Before Sidhant can back out, he finds a letter in his locker from his made coach. The letter gives him an address to the place where he will be getting a "body composition sheet" made so that he knows exactly what he is working with. It seems like Sidhant is more concerned with his coach's spelling mistakes than the beginning of his grueling road to becoming a quarterback. When Sidhant arrives at the address he is told to get into the "Bod Pod." Once futuristic experience is over, he gets a print out of his body density. He reads a 24.6% body fat. Not so great. The next morning, honors biology is interrupted by a screaming coach, blowing whistles and a barreling football player running down the hall. After the coach is done drilling the real football player, he calls Sidhant Misra to the front for his turn. After Sidhant barely finishes his pushups, NFL tight end Roland Williams introduces himself as his new Made coach. Made Coach Roland and Sidhant head straight for the weight room. Sidhant maxes out at 75 lbs. Coach Roland explains that he is the weakest kid he has ever seen and seems to be worried about his body fat content. Next they hit the field where Coach Roland explains that in order to make the team, Sidhant must be able to run 16 second "one tens." That means that he has to run the full length of the football field in under 16 seconds, 16 times. Sidhant's cant even make one in 16 seconds and can only throw the ball 24 yards. Coach Roland decides that he needs some serious help, so he sends him to the Football University where the best of the best train. This is where Sidhant finds out that leadership comes from being the hardest worker on the team. Besides have no skill on the field, he doesn't even have football shoes. The Super Bowl champ, Andre steps in to help "the worst player he has ever had" at the Football University. Andre makes it his personal project to get Sidhant to wear he needs to be. He hosts an early morning one on one session for Sidhant to help with his throw and stance. He also brings Sidhant a pair of his very own football shoes. At the end of the practice Andre suggests that he finds a football player at school to give him some extra help. He even suggests trading that help with some studying tips or school help. The next day Sidhant hits a 16 second mark on the field running drill and also manages to strike a deal with quarterback Daryn. By helping Daryn study for the ACT's, he has agreed to help him out on the field. It is evident in their first study session that Daryn needs his academic help just as much as Sidhant needs his athletic help. They agree to help each other succeed over the next few weeks. During the next practice, Coach Roland gives him a taste of what it's liked to be sacked. When Sidhant gets knocked down a little harder than he's used to, he storms off the field. When the first high school football practice rolls around, Sidhant chooses to hit the snooze button instead. Daryn drives to Sidhant's house after school to confront him about not showing up. The high school coach barely accepts his apology.Coach Roland calls Sidhant that night to schedule a talk the next morning. The next morning Sidhant agrees with Coach Roland to give it a second shot. He also promises to do what ever Coach Roland says in order to get him to reach his goal of becoming the school Quarter back. Sidhant starts working double time and improves greatly over the next few weeks. Daryn even scores an 8 out of 10 on a practice exam. Sidhant's body fat decreased, he makes all 16 legs of the drill under 16 seconds, maxes out at 125 and gets his throw to reach 23 yards. The next day at the scrimmage Sidhant doesn't quite make the last play but he sure showed a great effort. He did so well that the team offered him a position on the team, but not as a quarterback. After accepting a letterman's jacket from the team, will he accept the position on the team that doesn't include the leadership aspect?