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Pageant Queen
Season 8 E 20 • 02/16/2008
Can tomboys wear tiaras? Kelly Ortiz thinks so! This tomboy prefers jeans and hats to skirts and hair ribbons and has always been seen as just one of the guys. But Kelly has decided she's ready to be one of the girls now. And she won't stop at just that, she's going to take girly to the extreme and be MADE into a picture-perfect pageant queen in just six weeks. During one dull day at school, Kelly gets the feeling she is being watched. And indeed, she is, from outside the classroom by her MADE coach, Jacqueline Bradley. This beautiful blonde is the author of Bombshell Bible, which teaches girls about inner beauty. Jacqueline is appalled at Kelly's haphazard hairstyle, poor posture and tomboy attire. After meeting Kelly, Jacqueline drops the bomb: she has entered Kelly into the Miss Tri-State Arizona pageant ... and expects her to win! There are three main things Kelly needs to perfect before the pageant: talent, poise and thinking quick on her feet. Since Kelly is lacking in all these areas, Jacqueline heads to Kelly's house after school to get down to business. The girls do a poster board exercise, which outlines Kelly's negative and positive characteristics. Next, they practice friendly greetings and positive first impressions. Kelly bombs both exercises. After a first day like this, both girls are nervous about the huge amount of work that has to be done in such a short amount of time. The next day as Kelly leaves her house, she finds a bright pink ball sitting outside: a J-bomb! The J-bomb contains a challenge note from MADE coach Jacqueline Bradley: find five girls and five guys at school and practice her friendly greeting on them. But when lunchtime rolls around and Kelly attempts to approach a group of girls, she chickens out. So Jacqueline has no choice but to call for reinforcements: pageant experts. The first expert is Brenna, who was Miss Arizona and a semifinalist from Miss USA 2006. Brenna comes to Kelly's house with a fishbowl of practice Q&A questions. But Brenna gets on Kelly's nerves, and Brenna doesn't seem too happy with Kelly either, especially when she answers her cell phone during practice. Things don't get much better when Kelly meets her nutritionist, Jeff. The rules to a bombshell diet are rough: no pasta, no butter, fat free everything and, worst of all, tons of vegetables. The road to being MADE into a pageant queen keeps going downhill when Jacqueline takes Kelly for a wardrobe makeover. Goodbye, baggy jeans and T-shirts! The girls pick out only feminine clothes, including a skirt. The next day, Kelly goes to school feeling confident in her new clothes, but a little embarrassed about having to carry around a fishbowl of practice Q&A questions. She's having trouble taking the questions seriously, what do they have to do with being MADE into a pageant queen anyway? Her situation becomes even more embarrassing when she discovers another J-bomb on her desk, instructing her to sing the national anthem at the women's basketball game that night. Jacqueline thinks Kelly needs all the practice she can get, since her talent for the pageant will be singing. Although Kelly sings in the chorus, she never does solos. So, when the big moment comes, Kelly panics and can't manage to sing on-key. The small audience at the basketball game barely musters up a halfhearted applause. After this disaster, Kelly meets with Jody, a local singer/songwriter, to write a song for the pageant. Jody decides that they will make a song out of one of Kelly's poems. The next day, Kelly wakes up looking forward to a relaxing day on her own for a change, but instead, she comes face to face with a J-bomb nestled into a pair of heels. Jacquline wants Kelly to practice walking in a pair of heels for the entire day. Painful as it was, Kelly thinks she's doing well. But when Jacqueline stops by to check things out, Kelly gets shot down. Excited to get back to work on something less painful, Kelly and Jody go to a recording studio record her song. A few days later, Brenna and the fishbowl are back. Kelly stumbles across her words and admits she didn't practice all the questions. Brenna says in order to prove her desire to become a pageant queen, Kelly has to meet her at Golfland, where Brenna is waiting with a bikini. She tells Kelly that she'll not only be showing off her body in front of strangers, but practicing her talent as well. After almost quitting, Kelly sucks it up and sings for a group of golfing strangers, who give her an enthusiastic round of applause. Another day, another J-bomb. Kelly has to work on getting more girly by sitting at a new table at lunch and inviting the girls to a slumber party at her house. Her confidence grows as all the girls agree to come. The only catch? A J-bomb makes an appearance at the party as well, instructing Kelly to ask all her guests what they first thought about her when they met her. The girls have mixed opinions, some said she was scary and weird, others tell her she's hilarious, outgoing and even pretty. The rest of the night is a blast. The girls have facials, eat pizza and stay up late. The next day, MADE coach Jacqueline Bradley takes Kelly shopping for formalwear. Kelly finds a pretty black and white dress she loves and realizes she actually likes girly clothes! Kelly's starting to feel and look pretty good -- and everyone's noticing. During a final practice, she gets an enthusiastic nod of approval from Jacqueline and Jody. It's the big day and Kelly's feeling confident. Jacqueline and Kelly pack up the car and head to the pageant, making a quick stop at a beauty salon for a makeover. After a haircut, highlights and makeup, Kelly's ready to go. Kelly feels nervous. During the first event, fishbowl questions, Kelly fumbles her words at first but manages to give a good answer that seems to please Jacqueline. However, she might have messed things up during the formalwear event, when she gives a rock-on symbol while walking offstage, right in front of the judges! Jacqueline is horrified. Luckily for Kelly, she nails the talent event, performing her song perfectly. But is this enough to make up for the stammering and inappropriate formalwear behavior? It's up to the judges, so all Kelly and Jacqueline can do is wait. The judges finally announce first place, and it's not Kelly. She tries to keep a smile on her face, the competition's not over yet! And it's a good thing she does, because the next thing the judges announce is that Kelly has won "prettiest face" and "holiday queen" for the most confident girl onstage. After all the torture of hobbling around in heels, squeezing into mini-skirts and embarrassing challenges, Kelly says that after being MADE she's carrying herself in a way she never thought she would! See, it can be fun being a girly-girl!