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Model: Deanna
Season 9 E 3 • 06/05/2008
Deanna, a rough-and-tumble tomboy, is nothing like the other girlie-girls at her high school. Her life revolves around sports -- softball, basketball and football. And when Deanna's not on the field, she's rockin' out with her band that includes her best friend Alison and her sister Ali, who are also far from girlie. Older sister Katie is the complete opposite of Deanna and Ali, and now that Deanna's starting to see guys as more than just friends she wants to be more like her. Sick of being "one of the guys," Deanna is hoping to turn heads by being MADE into a model and ruling the runway at her high school's annual fashion show. By showing off her feminine side and gaining more confidence, Deanna hopes to score the boy of her dreams, Aaron. But can this total jock walk the walk in just six weeks? At school, Deanna's peers are skeptical about her being MADE into a model. Thinking she can count on her bandmates for support, Deanna quickly realizes she's wrong, as they also doubt her and question why she's trying to become something they hate. During a backyard tackle football game with the guys, Deanna's MADE coach Stacey McKenzie, a well-known supermodel, makes a surprise appearance. After calling a time-out, Stacey tells Deanna that she is really going to have to work hard in order to bring out her feminine side. Stacey doesn't waste any time, immediately ordering Deanna to go into her closet and come out wearing the sexiest outfit she owns -- it's time for her very first photo shoot! The T-shirt and jeans combo Deanna opts for is far from sexy, and she is clearly clueless about posing in front of a camera. Her first photo shoot is a disaster, making it clear Deanna is going to need a lot of work. After receiving a makeup lesson from MADE coach Stacey McKenzie, Deanna leaves her hometown of Chelmsford, Mass., for New York City to get a true-life taste of what it's like to be a model. Having never been to NYC before, Deanna gets completely lost and shows up late to her meeting at VIBE magazine, leaving Stacey ticked. Inside VIBE, Deanna has a hard time selling herself to fashion editor Memsor. Then, after receiving some helpful advice at a modeling agency, Deanna realizes she's going to have to work a lot harder if she wants to make it in the modeling world. Deanna meets MADE coach Stacey McKenzie in Central Park, where she learns to walk in high heels. But she isn't really able to work the makeshift runway the way she needs to because she lacks confidence. During lunch, Deanna meets with a dating expert who teaches her how to flirt. Even though Deanna feels awkward about making the first move, she walks away with a few new tips on how to score the boy of her dreams. Back in Chelmsford, Deanna reverts back to her old habits by entering a basketball tournament and practicing for her band's first gig. But MADE coach Stacey McKenzie clearly has a different agenda when she crashes Deanna's jam session to take her to a ballet lesson. After reluctantly putting on a leotard, Deanna learns to conquer her poor posture -- and gains some confidence at the same time. After letting her band down, Deanna becomes frustrated when she learns that Stacey wants her to skip out on the basketball tournament so she can head to her second photo shoot. Stuck between a rock and hard place, Deanna breaks the news to her teammates. The gamble pays off, as Deanna has much more success posing for her second photo shoot. After feeling good in front of the camera, she even wears a dress to school! When Deanna gets home, MADE coach Stacey McKenzie is waiting for her with some gifts -- a full-length mirror and a pair of red pumps. And Stacey tells Deanna that, as her next assignment, she will have to ask Aaron out. Deanna meets her guy friends for pizza, where she musters up the confidence to ask Aaron the big question. When she asks Aaron if he wants to hang out, he says he might ... if he has time. Not quite the answer Deanna was hoping for, but at least he didn't say no! Deanna travels back to New York City to go to one of MADE coach Stacey McKenzie's photo shoots. After seeing how a pro does it, Deanna unexpectedly gets all done up and stars in her own photo shoot. Third time's a charm, as Deanna is finally able to really work the camera. Back at school, Aaron tells Deanna that he can't hang out because he is too busy and he has a girlfriend. She didn't see that one coming! Down about Aaron, Deanna asks sister Katie to help her get ready for her band's first gig. But Deanna's bandmates grow impatient when it takes her more than 30 minutes to primp, so they leave without her. Luckily, Deanna finds her own ride and the gig is a success. Forgetting about Aaron, Deanna asks her new crush, Christian, out on a date and receives a more favorable response. The date goes well, thanks to the tips Deanna learned from the dating expert, and Deanna and Christian decide to hang out again. All her practice seems to be paying off! With the fashion show just days away, Deanna picks out the clothes she is going to wear on the runway, gets a spray tan and goes to the hair salon to get a new color and cut. Showing of her new look, Deanna's friends and classmates are taken aback by her girlie style. As the fashion show quickly approaches, talk of Deanna's transformation is buzzing through the school. On the day of the fashion show, amidst all the other pretty models, Deanna gets nervous before hitting the runway. Although she breezes through the first round featuring casual wear, she has trouble taking off her jacket during the second round while modeling business wear. Deanna doesn't let her fashion faux pas destroy her confidence; she continues to strut her stuff in formal wear during the last round. But did her new look make a big splash? Yup, Deanna definitely wowed the crowed as the judges announce that she wins the big prize -- best overall model! After six weeks of hard work and dedication, Deanna feels like she has really found herself and realizes she can show confidence both on and off the field. Being MADE into a model was a good choice!