Billie Eilish Hilariously Declares Her Love For Justin Bieber In Seasons Finale

'I care about him more than anyone in my life'

Justin Bieber's YouTube docuseries, Seasons, has been quite the emotional journey for fans, as it's detailed his return to music, his recent marriage, and his health struggles, among other hot topics. The tenth and final episode, aptly titled "The Finale," premiered on Tuesday (February 25) and wrapped things up in predictably touching fashion. (In other words, yes, you will probably cry at least once.)

The episode, available to watch now on YouTube Premium, opens on Bieber surprising a longtime fan named Lindsey, who was chosen as the "One Less Lonely Girl" from Bieber's 2011 concert film, Never Say Never. We see Bieber surprising her, and they adorably reminisce on the first time they met and about how much they've grown up. She even notes, "Once a Belieber, always a Belieber."

The rest of the episode takes us through the final days leading up to the release of Bieber's comeback album, Changes. Among the highlights: the "Intentions" video shoot, his album listening parties, lots of hockey, Hailey Bieber talking about how excited she is to join her husband on tour, and JB's recent appearances on late-night shows and MTV's Fresh Out.

At the end of the episode, Bieber says in a voiceover, "At the end of the day, relationships are everything. … What I want to share with people is: Spend that time getting close to the people around you." To that effect, the episode also features exclusive interviews with some of Bieber's friends and peers in the music world, like Big Sean, Usher, Quavo, and DJ Khaled. All of them thoughtfully gushed about their friend JB, but perhaps none more passionately than Billie Eilish.

"I would say that he's doing better. And that makes me so happy because I, like, care about him more than anyone in my life," Eilish, who collaborated with Bieber on a "Bad Guy" remix last year, says. She later laughs while adding, "Anything that he makes at all, I'm excited about. I don't care if he pooped and put it on a plate and put that in a store, I'm excited. Anything that Justin makes, I'm ready to go!"

The episode ends with a text card that tells us what we already know about his stellar comeback: "Changes debuted at No. 1 worldwide. At 25 years old, it's Justin's seventh album to do so." Now, the countdown for the Changes Tour begins — and you'd better believe Billie will be there.