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Super Made: Cheerleader
Season 8 E 4 • 10/07/2007
Jenna is captain of her cheerleading squad at Apponequet Regional High School. She is spirited and tenacious but embarrassed by her squad's performance. With no place to practice, no way to get to and from games and ratty, old tumbling mats, her squad is far from professional. They're so bad, in fact, that the entire student body makes fun of them. With monetary limitations, no school support and lots of team drama, the squad comes across like the Bad News Bears. They may be facing a lot of challenges, but Jenna and her team want to finally bring it on and gain respect. Can MADE make it happen? During the cheerleading squad's annual car wash, a man pulls in for a wash and wax. After his car is clean, he asks Jenna and the girls to show him what they've got. Let's just say that they fall flat of impressing him, having only one lackluster cheer. Thankfully, the mystery man is here to help -- he's the squad's MADE coach! Yup, Brandon, a cheer coach for the National Cheerleading Association, is going to try to clean up their act. But it looks like he has his work cut out for him. With his help, will these cheerleaders finally get their act together or will they fall right to the mat? Brandon has his first meeting with the cheerleading squad at the football field. As they sit on the bleachers, their MADE coach questions them about what's been going on, saying he needs to know all the nitty-gritty. The girls in the squad reveal that they've been booed at pep rallies, had stuff thrown at them and their school gives them no financial support because they're so bad. After understanding the challenges they're facing, Brandon tells the team that in just six weeks they will perform an entire halftime show, complete with cheering, tumbling, stunts and choreography. Needless to say, the girls are skeptical that they'll be able to pull it off. The next morning, the cheerleading squad is told to be on the field at 9 a.m. sharp. As the cheerleaders slowly trickle in, Brandon is far from pleased. Once everyone's there, this MADE coach states his rules. He requires them to take out all piercings and wear shorts, a bow in their hair and as many bras as they need to keep their cleavage in check. Then, since the team didn't assemble until 9:15, he makes them make up for lost time by running for 15 minutes. But after just three minutes, the girls are wiped out, gasping for air and throwing up on the sidelines. Being MADE into a tight cheerleading squad won't be as easy as they thought! On the second day of practice, coach Brandon rolls up in a new ride for the cheerleaders and takes them to a training facility to learn how to tumble. Once there, cheerleader Courtney isn't able to keep up with the exercises and becomes discouraged and starts to cry. Brandon tells her that she can't get down on herself because it will ultimately cause the downfall of the whole team. These skills don't come easy, so they'll all have to work hard at learning them. The cheerleaders successfully finish a hard day of training, but where's the spirit? Well, the police are about to find out! The girls' MADE coach tells them to write a cheer and perform it for their local police force. If they can cheer up the straight-laced sheriff, then they can cheer up anyone! After failing to make the sheriff smile with a corny cheer accompanied by some random arm flailing, Brandon makes them cheer at a gas station. After a second failed attempt, Brandon calls the squad "brain dead." But he gives them one last shot, cheering at a beach. But, again, their routine is a dud. The lifeguards would rather apply more suntan lotion than watch these girls. It's embarrassing for everyone involved. After three failed attempts at performing a cohesive cheer, the cheerleading squad learns a cheer that MADE coach Brandon has choreographed for them -- and it's tough, especially when cheerleader Ashley bails on their tumbling practice because she injured her hand. After a mini-meltdown, she packs up and leaves, saying she can't practice with her bum hand. Her teammates are upset, but they can't let it get them down. Brandon phones Ashley, telling her she can't give up and let her team down, so she heads back and apologizes to her teammates. To really help them get their act together, Brandon has the cheerleaders meet with a stunt coach for a crash course in trust. While blindfolded, they must rely on their teammates to lead them through hoops and around obstacles. This will teach them to trust each other when they're being thrown 12 feet in the air and relying on their teammates to catch them. Next, the girls learn the choreographed dance portion of their routine, alongside one of the top cheerleading squads in the state. Brandon tells them they'll be competing against the other team in a cheer-off at the end of the day. Hold on to your pompoms, 'cause this could be brutal. As their MADE training reaches the apex of intensity, Ashley and Courtney just can't hack it. Having an anxiety attack, Ashley runs out the door, freaking out. After running laps, Courtney runs to the bathroom sick to her stomach. Since they can't seem to cut it they say goodbye for the day. After all the drama goes down and the two teammates take off, coach Brandon wonders if they should even do the cheer-off, but the remaining girls say they want to press on. Despite their best efforts, they lose to the other squad. But now at least they know what works, what doesn't and what it takes be MADE into a lean, mean cheerleading team. Later, with Courtney and Ashley rejoining the squad, the cheerleaders continue to practice for their big halftime show. Kicking off the big routine is Jenna, who'll enter the field doing a backflip. But the more she tries to get the routine down, the more she fails -- and falls. As the team captain, Jenna knows she has to make a big impression, so the pressure's on. The next two weeks are filled with rigorous training, but the girls finally feel like a real squad. Even their school is sitting up and taking notice -- and buying them new tumbling mats. And, during a celebratory dinner, MADE coach Brandon surprises the girls with new matching uniforms. Are they finally gaining the respect they deserve? On the day of the big halftime show, the cheerleaders are nervous, especially Jenna. With the bleachers full, they head out onto the field to show off their new and improved style. Jenna messes up her backflip but doesn't let it bring her or the team down. They nail their routine, making the crowd go wild. It was hairy at times over the last sex weeks, but MADE coach Brandon is proud of the way these young ladies turned things around, proving that they are real cheerleaders.