Weird News

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Justin Bieber and Marilyn Monroe also make appearances.

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A Little Girl Fell In Love With An Owl Statue, And It's Utterly Adorable

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Two Brothers Convinced Their Sister That A Zombie Apocalypse Was Actually Happening

Once her anesthesia wears off these dudes really will be the walking dead.

Face Swapping While Vaping Produces Some Really, 'Really' Odd Results

Even vape aficionado Leonardo DiCaprio would find this trippy.

This Guy Just Wanted A Milkshake At 1 A.M., And Then Everything Got Weird

A drive thru in the middle of the night is no place for normalcy.

A Photoshop Pro Will Alter Your Selfies In The Most Hilariously Literal Way

He's the Amelia Bedelia of Photoshop.

Here's A Flamethrower That Shoots A Bigger Flame Than That Guitar In ​'Mad Max: Fury Road'

Don't try this at home.

Watch Best Friends Choose Each Other's Surprise Tattoos

What do you think of Andrew's reaction? Did he like it or not?

We Dare You To Find The Image Hidden In This Red Dot

A brain teaser asks people to identify an image hiding inside a giant red dot.

Instagram Thought This Cake Violated Their Terms, So They Disabled The Owner's Account

This is definitely not a boob.