Two Brothers Convinced Their Sister That A Zombie Apocalypse Was Actually Happening

So conniving. So cruel. So hilarious.

Not since the Orson Welles classic War of the Worlds radio broadcast that fooled people into believing that a Martian invasion of Earth was actually happening has there been a hoax as conniving as this.

Poor Millicent Phillips: The youngest of three kids, Millicent was being driven by one of her older brothers to get her wisdom teeth pulled, which is already a trying experience.

On the way home, her brothers decided to play a cruel but absolutely hilarious prank on the young woman, who was still completely drugged up from dental surgery -- and it was all caught on tape by a dashcam and uploaded to YouTube by her brother Cabot.

In the car, the radio station is interrupted by an emergency broadcast from the "Center for Disease Control" saying that people were being affected by a viral outbreak characterized by "high fever, nausea, death, and even cannibalism."

Sound familiar?



Once her entire family persuades Millicent that something bad is really happening -- which included receiving a call from their mother imploring them both to hurry home -- they start offering her impossible choices when they get there, like "pick the dog or the cat?" and "funfetti or chocolate cake?" both which she answers surprisingly quickly. Their dad even has a plan for them to "meet him in Mexico."

Obviously, this prank has hit a nerve, garnering almost 950,000 views in a single day. I'm guessing Millicent's amazingly decisive demeanor has something to do with it.

H/T Mashable

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