Watch An Adorable Grandmother Freak Out Over Swapping Faces With Beyoncé

Justin Bieber and Marilyn Monroe also make appearances

If you have face-swapping apps like Snapchat and Face Swap Live, you know how much utter fun it is to pull a little switcheroo with your mug and someone else's.

There's been a recent trend of people recording their family and friends face-swapping for the first time, and it always involves the newbie freaking out about it. Take this grandmother, for instance.

YouTube page Nan Diaries follows the adventures of English grandmother Noo Narr, and for fun, her grandchildren decided to swap her face with famous ones including Justin Bieber, Marilyn Monroe, and Beyoncé -- whom Noo Narr says she "doesn't like at all."

Sorry, B. Still, watching Nanny Noo Narr freak out over and over again is pretty hilarious.

H/T Mashable

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