This Guy Just Wanted A Milkshake At 1 A.M., And Then Everything Got Weird

A drive thru in the middle of the night is no place for normalcy

Every now and then, a story comes along on Twitter that captures the world's attention. First, there was @Zola, the Hooters waitress and sometime stripper who embarked upon on a wild ride to Florida. Then, there was @blotty, the unassuming girl in a bathroom who just needed her date's toilet to flush.

Now, there's the McDonald's milkshake story to end all milkshake stories. Read on, if you dare.

On Sunday night, Nashville resident Josh Raby had a hankering for deliciousness only the golden arches could deliver. So, at 1 A.M. the director and writer drove to McDonald's in pursuit of some grub. What happened next was one of the strangest experiences Raby claims he's ever had.

Just read the hilarious story in full below.

We know you have several questions -- it's understandable after reading an experience like Josh's, so BuzzFeed reached out to him after his story gained thousands upon thousands of favorites and retweets.

The upstanding citizen refused to "out" the McDonald's employee or location in question, saying "I have no interest in regular working folks catching heat over my silly experience at one in the morning."

“I have worked in customer service during graveyard shifts,” Raby continued. “It gets pretty loose. You gotta make your life yours somehow.”

(Oh, and his sandwich had lettuce on it. That's what was wrong. #SMH) 🍔🍟

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