We Dare You To Find The Image Hidden In This Red Dot

Good luck

A one question puzzle on Playbuzz is infuriating people on the Internet. The task is simple: See if you can spy the picture hiding within a single red dot. Except, it's not that simple.

Jack O'Neil's brain teaser on Playbuzz caters to three different types of people:

1. Those who can make out the entire image, complete with details.

2. Those who can make out the outline of some kind of image.

3. Those who can't make out anything and stare at it for way too long, getting madder and madder that their friends can see it, but they can't.

Which category do you fall under?

Jack O'Neil/Playbuzz

Red Dot

No, we're not punking you. There really is an image hidden inside this circle. I showed my coworkers this image, and upon telling them there was, indeed, an image in the dot, Style writer Maeve Keirans responded, "Yeah fuckin' right."

Here's what those who fall under the second option see:

Jack O'Neil/Playbuzz

Red Dot

And here's what those in option one, a.k.a. liars, can see:

Jack O'Neil/Playbuzz

Red Dot

Before the reveal, people on Twitter said they saw a horse, a cow, a donkey, a house, and (cleverly) the Japanese flag.

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