Watch Best Friends Choose Each Other's Surprise Tattoos

One of them might not like it, either

For a lot of folks, getting a tattoo is a nerve wracking experience. You spend days, weeks, months, sometimes even years thinking about what you want, and once you take that leap and get it, it's there. Forever. But at least you're the one that made the decision for yourself, right?

So, what if you were asked to pass that power over to a friend? Would you do it?

BuzzFeed, purveyor of new and wild experiences for its employees, asked two sets of best friends to choose a tattoo that would remain on their bodies from here until eternity (or a visit to the tattoo-removal doctor).

In a pleasant turn of events, all four best friends have good taste, choosing abstract and representative designs for their pals.

BuzzFeed / YouTube


For Daysha Edewi and Briana Byrd, the experience was touching, both choosing tattoos representative of their close relationship. After some truly painful-looking tattooing, they do the big reveal -- and what do they think? Byrd and Edewi both clearly love what their friend chose for them. Aww.

But, for Andrew Gauthier and his BFF Ashly Perez, things might not have ended so well -- we think? Perez loves hers, but Gauthier is either really good at acting unhappy, or he really doesn't like his tattoo. Let's hope that for the sake of their friendship, he really does love it.

Judge his reaction for yourself in the full video below.

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