A Photoshop Pro Will Alter Your Selfies In The Most Hilariously Literal Way

He's the literal embodiment of 'You get what you asked for'

Though he's tweeted just 36 times to date, a man named James Fridman has over 241,000 Twitter followers. You might ask yourself, "Is this man an actor, a singer, or a politician?" The answer to all three of those is no. He's actually a photo editor.

So why is he getting so much attention for one single month of tweets?

Well, you could call Fridman the Amelia Bedelia of Photoshop. People email him Photoshop requests for their selfies, asking for things like, "Cut me out and send me to Miami Beach with some hot girls!" and he'll take that request extremely literally, with hilarious results:

Most of Fridman's posts have more than a thousand retweets each, and for good reason -- they're hilarious, clever, and sometimes extremely touching. (You'll see.) 📷

See Fridman's 19 best photo manipulations below.


Dreams attained!

That's quite a unique tattoo.

That's what you get for requesting something like that, dude.





What a golden brown six pack.

Think about it.

Caleb is all of us.


Fridman gets deep, Part I

Fridman sometimes gets real with the requests, telling people who seem down on themselves that they look great just the way they are.

Fridman gets deep, Part II


To follow James Fridman's adventures in taking things way too literal, follow him on Twitter.

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