Watch Everyone From Nick Jonas To 5SOS Sing Along With Our 2014 Recap!

11 Lordes-a-leaping.

What better way to commemorate 2014 than with some of your favorite celebs singing about the past 365 days?

From Justin Bieber's egg raid to @badgalriri's return to Instagram to Pharrell's enormous collection of enormous hats, the last year has been jam-packed with unforgettable pop culture moments. So we here at MTV enlisted the help of 5 Seconds of Summer, Nick Jonas, YouTuber Andrea Russett, Ariana Grande's brother Frankie Grande, Meghan Trainor, Charli XCX and more to highlight some of our top moments!

Check out their jingle above and then relive everything again with our recap below!

  1. When Justin Bieber looks back on 2014, he might wish he could have a do-over. Because not only was this the year he broke up and got back together with Selena Gomez more times than he grew and shaved that mustache, but it’s also the year he got arrested for a DUI and nearly landed in jail for an egg raid on his neighbor’s house. In the end, he avoided time behind bars when the charge was busted down to a misdemeanor, but he had to pay out more than $80,000 in restitution. 2015 can only be better, right? -- Gil Kaufman

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  3. Lorde dances like our souls would dance if they possessed the ability -- with joy, pain and just a pinch of madness. -- Brenna Ehrlich

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  5. It feels like just yesterday that we learned what was so fetch, but it’s actually been 10 years since "Mean Girls" came out in theaters. We’ve never been so clear on the fact that we have cousins, and then our first cousins. Apart from the immortalization of the ingenious, odd-couple pairing of Tina Fey and Lindsay Lohan, 'Mean Girls' has given us so much in the past decade. Be honest: you’re still wearing pink on Wednesday, aren’t you? Fetch. -- Kase Wickman

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  7. Time flies when you’re pregnant, which is probably something not a single pregnant women has ever said, but it went fast for us watching Kourtney Kardashian carry her third child. As Kourtney's belly grew, so did our appreciation for her fabulousness. I mean, look at her maternity style: on point. Those naked pregnancy pics: flawless. We will even go as far as to guess that she was simply glowing as she delivered her baby boy on December 14. And you know what? We will probably find out on next season of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians." -- Christina Garibaldi

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  9. I understand on, like, a logical level that the 2014 Grammys were a thing that happened. But for the life of me, I cannot remember one thing that happened throughout the show or its surrounding events other than Pharrell's big ass hat. Maybe it's because that was way back in January. Or because that oversized chapeau launched a billion memes and became a full-on trend. But I'm pretty sure it's because over the course of the year, Skateboard P almost never took it off, auctioned it away for more than $40K, it was bought by ARBY'S (yes, really) and then was displayed in a museum for two months. -- Gaby Wilson

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  11. Rihanna left a hole in our hearts when she disappeared from Instagram for more than half a year — because no other celebrity challenged their anti-nudity policy quite like she did. When she finally returned in November, we rejoiced. Since @badgariri came back to the ‘gram, we’ve had our fill of insanely gratifying selfies and nearly nude shots. -- Nadeska Alexis

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  13. Not only did we get a new body of work from Nick Jonas this year -- his duet "Avalanche" with Demi Lovato is my personal fav -- but we were also blessed with a whole lot of his body as well. From his booty to his bulge, the 22-year-old didn't leave much to the imagination in 2014. And although the internet was abuzz with the snapshots highlighting the former JoBro's junk and trunk, it was his six pack that really had people's temperatures rising. -- Cory Midgarden

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  15. Their debut LP debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 (you pretty much have to be Taylor Swift to do that … or … 5SOS), they performed at the 2014 VMAs and the AMAs (looking so perfect, as usual), flew in fans from all over the world (see: global domination) for their first-ever Derp Con fan convention, filled The Forum in L.A. with 5SOS Fam with two sold-out shows, and they closed out the year with their LiveSOS album, featuring a cover of the classic Romantics jam, "That’s What I Like About You," proving that rock was alive and well (and perfectly coiffed) in 2014. -- Tamar Anitai

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  17. Directioners have gotten used to being #blessed with a new One Direction album every year for the past three years, but Four was an entirely different beast. While diehard Directioners -- whatup!! -- know that 1D have been evolving since "What Makes You Beautiful," Four made it abundantly clear to everyone else. The songs were more adult -- I mean, the word "cigarette" is featured in "Night Changes" -- and more ~rock~ than pop. There are several options for upcoming singles and, IMHO, maybe they should just release them all throughout 2015 because they’re so good. -- Maeve Keirans

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  19. The past year was packed with pop collaborations, from "Problem" and "Fancy" to "Flawless" and "Black Widow." At the risk of riling up the randoms, "Bang Bang" might have outshone them all. There’s a reason many heralded the Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj collaboration as the greatest pop spectacle since "Lady Marmalade." -- John Walker

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  21. Normally a movie comes out, sticks around for a month and disappears. The rare success is with us for a season or so. But for "Frozen," it was winter all year long as the Disney animated movie only grew bigger with every single month. Was it the love of the two sisters Anna and Elsa that made the movie transfer so seamlessly into toys, a plot on ABC's "Once Upon A Time," and an upcoming spin-off short? Whatever the magic was, it looks like even into 2015 we're still not ready to "Let It Go." -- Alex Zalben

  22. Ariana Grande’s "Problem" was more than just a kiss-off to a problematic boy – Ari was also saying goodbye to her cutesy image and staking her territory in the Land of Sexy. Teaming up with Iggy Azalea to give the song even more ‘tude, the My Eveything singer used a big, fat, cranky sax loop and sky-high vocals to prove that she’s "got one less problem without you." And while she was bidding one guy farewell, she enlisted the help of Big Sean -- her future boyfriend -- for the song's music video. Ever since then, Ariana's been problem-free. -- Emilee Lindner