Nicki Minaj Stays Breaking The Internet With Her 'Bang Bang' Teaser

The rapper slays on the Jessie J and Ariana Grande team-up.

With pure disregard for Twitter's ability to function, Nicki Minaj Instagrammed a snippet of her part on "Bang Bang," the Jessie J-helmed collab with the "Pills N Potions" rapper and Ariana Grande. The verse hits hard, it hits fast, and truly none of us are ready.

In case there was any confusion regarding Nicki's claim to the throne, she clarifies on the track: "Batman Robin it/ Bang bang cockin' it/ Queen Nicki dominant/ Prominent/ It's me, Jessie, and Ari/ If they test me they sorry." Any questions? Good.

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Combined with that single artwork for "Anaconda" -- where she pulls a move I'm dubbing a "Reverse Sucka Free" -- Nicki's not gonna be leaving your trending topics any time soon.