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23 Photos That Prove Justin Bieber’s Mustache Had The Best Year Ever

Because Bieber's mustache may have had an even better year than you did.

It's been a whirlwind of a year for Justin Bieber.

He's found himself in some legal trouble, had a roller coaster relationship with Selena Gomez, made some new music and jet-setted all over the world. And right there by his side through it all well, most of it) was none other than his "monster" mustache.

We were first introduced to his facial hair back in 2013, and while we were pretty sure it was long gone, the on-again off-again 'stache popped back up in May of 2014 and lived it up.

From partying with famous to celebs, to going out on dates to hitting the studio, Justin Bieber's mustache had a truly memorable year...until that fateful day it got shaved off.

But let's remember the good times. So here's a look at the 24 extraordinary things Justin Bieber's mustache did this year, and be prepared because by the end of this list you may actually find yourself feeling jealous of a 'stache for having a more exciting year than you.

  1. The First Sighting Of 2014

    We missed you?

  2. The Mustache Kicks Things Off Partying With Models

    The 'stache is wasting no time getting back in the swing of things.

  3. I'm On A Boat!

    "Get your towels ready it's about to go down."

  4. Just Workin' On Its Fitness

    With Usher, no less!

  5. Made Some Music

    In Justin's kitchen.

  6. Pumped Some Iron

    Gotta work for those abs.

  7. Explored The Great Outdoors

    Shirtless, of course.

  8. Held An Adorable Baby

    Say it all together now: "awwww."

  9. Time For A Dance/Hike

    It's a new thing.

  10. It Took Selfies

    The mustache clearly stole the picture.

  11. Jammed Out With Cody Simpson

    Will you take that mustache "Home To Mama?"

  12. Flew on Private Jets

    Only the best.

  13. Hung Out With Kimye

    Welcome to the good life.

  14. Had Photo Shoots

    Strike a pose.

  15. Did This

    Going for the windblown look.

  16. Took The Ice Bucket Challenge

    Mustache got cold.

  17. Recreated "Step Brothers"

    So many activities.

  18. Got Shaved

    Noooo... uh, we mean YASSS!

  19. Came Back For A Dinner Date With Selena

    The mustache prefers organic chicken breast.

  20. Went Fishing

    Reelin' 'em in.

  21. Met Karl Lagerfeld

    For a secret project.

  22. Kept Up With The Kardashians

    Going out with a bang!

  23. Goodbye Monster Mustache See you in 2015!