Arby's Snatches Up Pharrell's Hat: See How Much They Spent On It

Singer put his Grammy lid on sale on eBay last month, with proceeds from the $44,100 sale going to his educational nonprofit.

Pharrell Williams had plenty to celebrate on Oscar night. In addition to a high-energy, candy-colored performance that rocked the house, he raised more than $44,000 for his educational nonprofit by selling off his famous giant brown Grammy hat

And not to worry, he had another one for his Oscars debut performance of hit single "Happy,"
 an identical black Vivienne Westwood-designed lid to go with those formal shorts.

After putting the Grammy hat up for auction on eBay
 last month, the winning bid was submitted by an unlikely party.

Completing the mini-meme about how Skateboard P's 10-gallon wonder looked a lot like their official logo, roast beef sandwich chain Arby's announced that it had snatched up the "Mountain" hat for $44,100.

"@Pharrell You're welcome," Arby's announced on Twitter. "We're HAPPY to support a great cause & get our hat back."

The proceeds will go to Pharrell's educational nonprofit From One Hand to Another.