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Here’s How You Can Get 'Marky Mark' Abs Just Like Nick Jonas

You’re on your own for everything else.

I don't know about you, but since seeing Nick Jonas' (gulp) spread in Flaunt Magazine, I've been fighting an overwhelming urge to high five any and every straight girl or gay guy I pass.

I mean, from his d--- grab, to that booty shot, there's no question those images are grounds for celebration. And although there are countless reasons to get excited over the photo shoot, the pics also serve as a reminder that my body looks nothing like the former JoBro, which immediately sends me spiraling into a self-hating depression.

Thankfully, there's good news! When recently interviewing the 22-year-old he shared some pointers on how he got in tiptop shape.

"I'm getting my Marky Mark on," Nick laughed. "I got pretty into fitness last year, I started training, started going to the gym, and eating really boring food. I was doing that and then I got the role [on DirecTV's Mixed Martial Arts drama 'Kingdom.']"

After landing the part of cage fighter Nate, Nick began working out with UFC fighter Joe "Daddy" Stevenson who helped him pack on 15 pounds of muscle, in addition to the 7 pounds he gained 12 months prior. Whether he liked it or not.

"I hate all workouts, I don't enjoy working out, at all," he admitted (thank you, God, I'm not alone). "I love playing sports and being physically active and it's important for me as a diabetic to maintain a healthy lifestyle but I'd say on the strength training side, weight lifting and all that, stuff I hate is, like, legs. If there was no legs I'd be fine, you know, have the whole, like, prism body, I'd be, like, fine."

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So how exactly did Daddy transform Nick into the Mark Wahlberg-esque babe gracing the pages of Flaunt? I'm taking notes.

"On the MMA side we do a week of fundamentals and then we put it together at the end of the week, combined with knock out drills and, like, basically our trainer wanted us to feel what it would feel like to get hit, because we weren't actually making full contact with each other so he would say, alright, do a liver kick at about 15%," Nick explained. "I don't know if you know anything about a liver kick but when you get kicked in the liver it releases all the toxins in your body and you kind of just collapse and it's a kick that goes up and inside of you. So he did that at apparently 15% and all of [the cast] dropped, I mean, it was horrible."

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"Then the knock out drill, you basically shadow box for 10 minutes and then he says go and when he says go you have to spin around in a circle and then he'll say, stop, after about 2 minutes," he continued. "Then you have to find north, south, east, or west corner of the ring and it's like being really, really drunk and so when it happened I was like, I can do this, I'm familiar with this feeling. And I was the best at it so I was proud."

BRB, I'm going to start shadow boxing right away!