26 Times 5SOS And Their Fans Looked So Perfect At Derp Con

The 5SOS Fam are Sears Portrait Studio-ready.

From the Vegemite pizza to the life-sized Pac-Man reenactments, 5 Seconds Of Summer's mega-fan convention, Derp Con, appears to have been a success.

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Just look at these 26 photos taken at the "Good Girls" singers' meet and greets at the event, held in L.A. on Sunday, Nov. 16, which should've been declared a national holiday. They looked so perfect standing there -- even if nobody stripped down to their American Apparel underwear. (Missed opportunity and a thing to think about for the next Derp Con.)

1. 5SOS and their fans looked so perfect this time.

2. This time.

3. This time.

4. And this time.

5. And this time.

6. Remeber this time?

7. How about this time?

8. What a time to be alive...

9. So was this time.

10. And this time.

11. This time.

12. This time.

13. And this time.

14. But not this time. Just kidding.

15. Anyway, this time.

16. And this.

17. This.

18. This.

19. And this.

20. And a-thiiiiiiis.

21. But, also this time.

22. And, like, this time.

23. But, not this time. Stop falling for that. Of course this time.

24. And this time.

25. And this time.

26. And, obviously, this time. So perfect.

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