Did The 'Frozen' Sequel Just Get Teased On 'Once Upon A Time'?

For the first time in forever, we finally have an inkling of what "Frozen Fever" might be like.

Last night (December 14), "Once Upon A Time" finally wrapped up its "Frozen" arc. And though the creators of "Once" have insisted time and again that their show was just looking to the icy Disney movie as inspiration, certain events seem to have flawlessly set up the sequel.

Spoilers for "Once Upon A Time" past this point.

Anna (Elizabeth Lail) and Elsa (Georgina Haig) -- as well as Kristoff (Scott Michael Foster) -- manage to get back to Arendelle in time to recapture their kingdom from Hans and his 12 brothers, who had taken over the land while Anna and Kristoff were frozen by a spell cast by the villainous Snow Queen (Elizabeth Mitchell), because if the main rulers of a kingdom are encased in ice that kingdom is up for grabs. That's just basic law, everyone knows that.

Anyway, they take back the kingdom -- offscreen, mind you -- and we last see the sisters as they walk off, hand in hand, to Anna's wedding.


The thing is, we know that "Frozen Fever," the animated short that airs before March's "Cinderella," will pick up on the same day. So given there's only three short months until the, er, short debuts, did we just get a preview of coming events?

Maybe, maybe not -- "Once" producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz have said the show would forge its own path. But is it unreasonable to think that the "Once" costume designers just gave us a sneak peak at Anna's animated wedding dress? The designs are almost certainly done by this point, and with the "Frozen" costumes on "Once" already matching so closely, it's not out of the realm of possibility.

Stretching a little further, "Frozen Fever" could pick up that last shot, with Anna and Elsa walking hand in hand to meet Kristoff at the pulpit. Again, at the speed of animation, the short is almost certainly mostly done. And that shot was proceeded by a cosplay-faithful recreation of the sisters playing out the "chocolate!" scene from the movie -- so why not?


And while we're speculating, what if the reason the climactic fight with Hans' family was left off wasn't for time or budget reasons -- though it almost certainly was -- but because we'll see this plot play out in March?

AND, what if we'll get to see an animated version of Emma Swann (Jennifer Morrison) in "Frozen Fever?"

If a former bail bondsman can gain magic powers, fall in love with Captain Hook, and shove his still beating heart back into his chest to break Rumplestilkin's evil spell, anything is possible!