Niall Horan Says It Would Be ‘Weird’ To Collaborate With His One Direction Bandmates

Niall Horan is wrong

Hoooooooold on a second. We get that everyone's off and doing their own things — you know, casually launching successful solo careers and breaking records with their debut albums and making babies and such — but to go ahead and say a One Direction reunion in the studio would be “weird” is... weird.

Not to call out Niall Horan or anything, but yeah: We'll respectfully agree to disagree on that assessment.

Although Liam Payne said he was “certain” that 1D would eventually bring their current hiatus to a close and reunite, Horan told ETCanada that he wasn't so sure about that — or so sure about that in the near future, anyway. The question posed to Horan was one regarding his forthcoming album, and whether or not a collaboration with one of the 1D lads would find its way to the track list.

“Can't rule anything out really, can you?” he replied. “I suppose right now, it would be a bit weird; I never rule anything out, to be honest.”

Fair enough, as every single one of the dudes is moving in a different direction at the moment, in a musical sense — could two songs sound more different than “Sign of the Times” and “Strip That Down” — but still.

It wouldn't be weird. It would be magical. Jussayin'.

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