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Harry Styles, A Literal Angel, Soars Over The Earth In The ‘Sign Of The Times’ Video

Yer a wizard, Harry

Harry Styles is not a normal boy. He is a boy who has been gifted the power of flight, as he discovers in the dramatic new video for his dramatic new song "Sign of the Times."

Upon wandering off to the Scottish shoreline, Harry notices something strange happening to him. If he really focuses, he can hover a few inches off the ground for a few seconds at a time. He spends the rest of the video developing this skill, until finally he is no longer constrained by gravity and can fly freely into the heavens.

Harry Styles: Is he the last airbender, a regular wizard, or a literal angel sent to Earth to redeem us mortals for our sins? He does walk on water at one point in the video, so I'm leaning toward the last option.