G-Eazy Says His New Halsey Collab Is A 'Bonnie And Clyde' Love Song

'I'm just obsessed with her,' he told MTV News

From Cardi B to Britney Spears to Bebe Rexha, G-Eazy has a thing for collaborating with massively talented women. "Him & I" — a new song off his forthcoming The Beautiful & Damned, due out December 15 — is no exception. This time around, he's teamed up with Halsey, his girlfriend.

"Me and Halsey, we just clicked like that," G-Eazy told MTV News correspondent Gaby Wilson about how "Him & I" came together. "We made the record and it came from a really genuine, authentic place, and I think when music comes from a place like that, is when music is at its best."

"That's a Bonnie and Clyde song," he continued, "that's a star-crossed lovers song, that's a crazy in love, like, we would kill for each other, we would die for each other kind of thing."

Great minds must think alike, because Halsey was also inspired by this "star-crossed lovers" theme — more specifically, Romeo and Juliet — when she wrote her sophomore album, hopeless fountain kingdom. Less than three months after its release, she was performing (and making out) with G-Eazy onstage in New Orleans. They definitely aren't shy about PDA.

"She's a really special person," G-Eazy added. "A really beautiful person, a really beautiful artist, and she just sounds good on everything. I'm just obsessed with her." Swoooon!

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