All The Reasons We're Completely Crushed By The Breakups On 'Finding Carter'

And, for good measure, all the reasons we're NOT.

Pass the tissues, please.

There was so much heartache on tonight's "Finding Carter" -- three (!) couples fell by the wayside -- that we're still a little misty-eyed. But all breakups are not created equal, and some, in fact, might just have a silver lining. With that in mind, here are all the reasons we're totally sad about the "FC" splits -- and all the reasons we kinda aren't:

Breakup #1: Elizabeth and David


Aaaaand they're finally done. After Mr. and Mrs. Wilson banded together to fend off Crash's evil uncle, David basked in their reunited glow over a cup of coffee. "I'm glad we were both here for all that tonight," he said of the fracas. "Reminds me what a great team we once were." But Elizabeth wasn't feeling it, and when her estranged spouse proclaimed that he didn't want a divorce, she begged to differ. "Right now, I'm thinking the only thing to do is move forward," she said. "I'm so sorry, David -- I tried. I really tried." Bye, Felicia!

Why we're sad: Aside from that "marriage is a sacred institution" stuff, we were hoping the two would pull it together to finally give their kids the stable family life that imploded the day Lori kidnapped Carter. And seriously, hasn't Grant been through enough?

Why we're not: We don't exactly stan for David. He lies, he connives and he sleeps with psychopaths. Plus Kyle is cuter.

Breakup #2: Taylor and Ofe


We already knew the once-timid twin had become a bona fide wild child. (Here's proof. And here's more proof.) But she took her transformation to an all-new level by stealing some of Ofe's stash and reinventing herself as -- wait for it -- a drug user (insert head shake here). The questionable decision not only caused her to pass out stone-cold, it also made her FWB realize he cared about her way more than she cared for him -- and kick her to the curb. "I'm ending things because I think you may break my heart," the O-man said. "I care about you too much, and you're not falling in love with me."

Why we're sad: Ofe truly gave it his all. And if you can look at his puppy dog eyes and not feel sorry for him, you're INHUMAN.

Why we're not: First off, drug dealers don't make the best boyfriends. Second, screw the puppy dog eyes -- with Ofe out of the way, Max will surely find his way back into Tay's arms. MAXLOR 4EVER!

Breakup #3: Carter and Crash


In an effort to escape the clutches of his ex-convict uncle -- yeah, the guy has a rap sheet longer than Lindsay Lohan's AND he's been running drugs at his mechanic shop -- Crash boarded a bus and joined the army. But first, he wrote Carter a note that made us shed a tear (okay, maybe two). "Leaving you is the hardest thing I've ever done," he penned. "You have to know how much I love you, but this is the only way to start over."

Why we're sad: We were totally into Crash from the start because, admittedly, we're attracted to bad boys. (Don't judge -- we know you are too.) As for as his connection to Carter, he's the yang to her yin: He believed in her when she didn't believe in herself, encouraging her to take the SATs and lending her money to visit Lori; she got him arrested, and it was that very incident that put him on the road to reformation. And finally, they're SO darn cute together.

Why we're not: Crash is no fool -- he knows that sticking around would only put Carter in danger because Uncle Shay is vindictive and, apparently, as nutty as Lori (minus the disguises). So it turns out that running off to the army has its benefits. Plus we're guessing he'll look hot with a buzz cut.

Which breakup had you reaching for a tissue? Or are you actually glad some of the couples called it quits? Tell us why in the comments section, and be sure to catch next week's "Finding Carter" on Tuesday at 10/9c!