Zac Pullam

Zac Pullam, a Florida native, has been cast in the new MTV series, “Finding Carter” in which he co-stars in the role of Grant Wilson, the younger brother to Carter (played by UK star Kathryn Prescott) and Taylor (played by Anna Jacoby-Herron of “Contagion”).

Zac has always enjoyed being in front of an audience even at a young age. He was always performing in school plays, talent shows and local theatre in his hometown of Tallahassee, FL. In 2011, he was in a local fashion show with Marsha Doll Models and learned of an open casting call at the prestigious and world renowned Florida State University Film School. A month later, he was cast in a lead role in his very first short film. He has appeared in over 20 Florida State University films, landing the lead role in many of them, three of which have won College Television Emmy Awards: “Cootie Contagion”, “The Hatchling” and “Lemonopolis”. He also landed his first print job for the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. He continued his love for acting and began taking classes and attending workshops in Atlanta, GA where he signed with a local agent. The opportunity arose for him to make the transition to LA and he and his mom moved in January of 2013. Once in LA, he signed with an agent and manager and then began auditioning across the board. He landed roles such as the “Trident Player” in a Trident Layers commercial and music video, two episodes on “Awesomeness TV’s Kid History”, a “Toby Keith Music Video,” as well as other projects.

When Zac isn’t working, he enjoys riding his penny board, writing and directing short films, surfing, playing baseball, fishing, listening to music and just hanging out with his friends. He is an Honor Roll student in the 6th grade, enrolled with Florida’s Virtual Online School. One of his greatest loves is his dog, Tippi, a rescue he adopted while living in CA.