Does David Have Something Up His Sleeve On 'Finding Carter'?

After all, the man is still planning to write his book about Carter -- even though he swore he wouldn't.

Elizabeth Wilson is a great police officer, but when it comes to parenting her biological daughter Carter, she'll always be the bad cop.

Thankfully, Carter has an in-house respite from the war at home in David, the father with whom she was reunited on last week's "Finding Carter" premiere. Since Carter moved back in with the Wilsons, David's served as the teenager's shoulder to cry on, encouraged her to make new friends and even helped protect her from Elizabeth's wrath when Carter jumped into a stolen car with Crash and burned rubber into the night. We definitely sense a daddy's little girl taking shape...

Still, for all his do-gooding, David is still shopping his book -- a testimony about Carter returning home after her childhood abduction -- around to publishers, though he's insisted to Carter that the project is dead. Plus, when Lori -- the woman who abducted the rebellious teen -- spotted Carter and David hugging after an emotional conversation, she looked positively irate. Maybe she knows something we don't...?

Tell us what you think -- after taking a good look at David, is he really as nice a guy as he seems, or is there something up his sleeve that he's just waiting to pull out?