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7 Terrible Habits That Girls (Unfortunately) Find Sexy

Society, doctors and common sense all say these are bad behaviors, but they may still get you the ladies.

Sure, society, your doctor and common sense all tell you that these behaviors are a terrible idea; but lucky for you and your lack of self control, these bad habits may still help you with the ladies.

1. Gambling

Girls like guys who are spontaneous and adventurous, and few things exhibit these qualities like the snap decision to bet your rent on a pair of jacks at 4am in Vegas. Getting to bask in the glory and free drinks when you win doesn't hurt either.

2. Cussing

Sure, it's about as classy as bringing a bottle of Two-Buck Chuck to a wine tasting, but the reality is that cussing shows here that you're a bad boy who doesn't give a s**t about polite society. Girls can't help but love a bad boy.

3. Riding Motorcycles

Perhaps the quintessential sexy bad habit, driving a motorcycle invokes images of a young Marlon Brando and makes you seem edgy, free spirited and brave. Plus, duh, leather jackets.

4. Eating Red Meat

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Kale may be the national mascot of girls everywhere, but all the nutrients and anti-oxidants in the world can't change the fact that there's something primal and hot about watching your inner caveman bite into a thick juicy steak.

5. Skipping Showers

Don't let the fact that she owns 235 different kinds of body wash fool you. Skipping a shower here and there seasons your body with the pheromones that draw her to you, and can allow you to achieve that five o'clock shadow that so often leads to sexy time.

6. Getting Tattoos

Tattoos have long been lady-bait because of their historical association with being a rebellious sailor who also loves his mom. When placed correctly, they can highlight your muscles, and getting one that means something to you allows for bonus points for appearing sensitive.

7. Driving Like An A-Hole

The way you operate a car sends subconscious messages about the way you'll operate her...uh...transmission. Girls want a "defensive driver" in the streets, and an aggressive gear-grinder in the sheets.