Note To 'Finding Carter''s Lori: A Wig Or Some Novelty Glasses Would Be A Nice Change Of Pace

The baseball cap has really run its course, so we've come up with some new disguises to consider.

Lori of "Finding Carter" may be a fugitive on the run, but that doesn't mean she can't have fun with fashion all the same!

The woman who abducted Carter Stevens when Carter was just a child has been forced to hide from the light of day while police, who recently caught on to her transgression, pursue her. The only contact she's had with her daughter -- who, like she, wants to reunite -- has been in the break room of a frozen yogurt shop and the back room of a gas station. And each encounter has included the very same disguise: A baseball cap, an amorphous coat and a ponytail.

We get it: Lori's got more important things to consider than style when the threat of incarceration is around every corner, but that doesn't mean she can't experiment with her look a bit! Check out new camouflage Lori should consider next time she needs to venture into public, and catch the next "Finding Carter" Tuesday night at 10/9c!

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