Frank Ocean Is Teasing New Music With SZA, Andre 3000, And Kendrick Lamar – Or Is He?

Something smells a little fishy here, and it's not the beans

Frank Ocean, the elusive mystery musician, is preparing to release new music — or is he? New posts on his Tumblr page this morning hint at what appears to be music coming on March 1. SZA, Kendrick Lamar, and André 3000 all look to be involved — and beans, there's going to be beans in there somewhere?

The brief and mysterious post featured the March date in bold lettering followed by the names and initials of three music figures; Solana is the first name of SZA, K and L are Kendrick Lamar's initials, and André is the first name of Outkast legend André 3000.

Beneath these three giant names is a phrase that reads best at lunchtime: "Here for the beans." What kind of beans aren't specified, and there are oh so many. (Baked, black, and pinto are three that immediately come to mind.)

A separate post keeps the cryptic motif going. "? (2019) ? (2019) ? (2020)," it reads. Is Frank Ocean playing with the world? Or is something more devious going on behind the scenes?

Soon after these strange posts went up, another appeared, this time with a weird request that included an Instagram link. "If this post gets 25,000 likes I will release the Frank Ocean song featuring andre, kendrick and sza (it’s a legit song)," the latest post reads. Could this be the work of a troll?

Frank's spent the last couple of years mucking with people's expectations by sporadically sprinkling music – "Moon River" in 2018, "Chanel," "Provider," "Biking" and Lens" in 2017 – and bits of personal information into the ecosystem. In January, he posted a snippet of his take on SZA's "The Weekend" to his Instagram Story.

At the tail end of last year, Frank released two significant episodes of his Beats 1 Radio show "blonded RADIO," one that aired (in three parts) in November about voter suppression another that aired in December about the holidays. He also opened up his Instagram account to the public and showcased snapshots from live performances along with other random insights into his day-to-day life.

Through all of that though, the Frank drought has been real. He released a visual album, Endless, in 2016 followed by his sophomore studio album, Blonde, a day later. Hopefully, this bean-obsessed mystery is the start of something bigger. Hopefully, it's just real.