Babies, Divorce and Hitting 'Rock Bottom': All This And More Just Happened On 'Jersey Shore'

Change is in the air -- but at least Vinny and Pauly D are still going strong

Major life changes are in store for our Jersey Shore: Family Vacation friends -- and we learned during this week's episode that Mike's eight-month prison sentence isn't even the half of it.

While little has changed for Vinny and Pauly D (fear not, their bromance is still going strong), Ronnie, JWOWW, Snooki, Deena and Angelina are facing some pretty monumental developments. But judging from the Jersey Shore history books, we have no doubt they can handle them -- because if they can take grenades and concrete walls in stride, they can pretty much tackle anything.

Let us elaborate:

Ronnie hits 'rock bottom'


It seems that Ronnie might have finally had enough of his "toxic situation" with Jen. After she smacked him in the face with an ashtray, he sought advice from his dad, who managed to turn his life around after a "rock bottom" of his own. Ron's pop gave his son a major wake-up call: "It's been escalating, and I'm worried you're going to end up in jail or dead. Jesus, let's be real. You gotta get off the hamster wheel." After hearing this, Ariana's dad opted to check in to a wellness retreat center to help combat depression and anger issues. "I finally realized I need help," he admitted. "I don't want to live like this anymore. I'm tired of being depressed and making really bad decisions. I have to make a change."

JWOWW opens up about divorce


Speaking of rocky romances, the usually private Jenni was forced to go public about her relationship woes after Roger shared a series of incriminating videos on social media. "My divorce was a sore subject," she said. "I didn't want to talk about it publicly out of respect for my children, so when those videos came out, it was a really low blow by Roger. The irony in all of this is I love to make fun of Ron and Jen's drama, and now I am on that level."

Snooki's pregnant


It's no secret that Nicole has been wanting to expand her adorable family (cue last season's negative pregnancy test disappointment), and she broke the news about another bun in the oven, complete with a festive gender reveal. "Dude, being pregnant is a f*cking b*tch," she confessed. "But I love all the ups and downs of being pregnant because the result is amazing, and I love being a mom."

Deena welcomes baby CJ


Deena, who was "super over being pregnant," spent the better part of the holidays trying to induce labor by bouncing on exercise balls and taking long walks in the frigid cold. Her efforts didn't go unrewarded, as her water broke shortly thereafter and she got to meet her sweet baby meatball! "I pushed the sh*t out of this kid, and he came out naturally and very healthy," she said.

Angelina moves in with her fiancé


The resident "dirty little hamster" is facing a whole host of problems now that she's living under one roof with her fiancé Chris. (And let's be honest, it ain't easy living with Angeliners and her shart-tastic habits.) "I'm starting to wonder if buying a house before marriage is even a good idea," shared the Staten Islander. "The house has made me and Chris have very big fights. We have to figure out everything before walking down that aisle, or our relationship's going to be over."

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