Jersey Girl: Is Angelina A 'Totally Different Person' Or The Same Dirty Little Hamster?

She says she's changed, but not everyone agrees

Angelina maintains she's not the "dirty little hamster" she used to be (she's upgraded her trash bag to a suitcase), but recent bouts of drama at the family vacation dude ranch might be telling a different story.

During this week's episode, another relaxing night around the campfire turned sour after Pauly D cracked a joke about the Staten Island native's hasty departure during Jersey Shore Season 1.

"Who I was nine years ago doesn't define who I am today," Angelina shot back. "Straight the f*ck up, I'm a totally different person. At the end of the day, I'm happy with who I am."

But rather than putting Pauly in his place for trolling, she went after (who else?) the keto guido she loves to hate, Vinny.

"I wish Vinny would come back down from his ego and be a f*cking human," she said out of the blue to Vin, who instantly dubbed her "delusional."

"I'm literally sitting at this campfire not saying a word," he said. "I'm not looking Angelina's way -- I don't ever look Angelina's way -- yet she is going on and on. I'm not talking, and the more I'm not talking, the more she keeps going."

Not only that, but Seaside's resident sharter caused a pregnant Deena to turn an angry shade of eggplant after pitching a fit over the girls' sleeping arrangements.

"Out of all the Jersey Shore seasons, that was the loudest I've ever f*cking yelled at someone," said Deena, who has only recently become privy to Angelina's affinity for sh*t talking.

Let the record state that Snooki hasn't had to remove her hoops for any reason yet (no catfights!). But back to Angelina: Has she turned over a new leaf like she says, or is she reverting to her old ways? Tell us what you think, then catch another episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation next Jerzday Thursday at 8/7c!