To Pry Or Not To Pry: Should Ronnie Respect JWOWW's Privacy On Family Vacation?

She won't talk about her Roger drama, but he's practically insisting

JWOWW has kept details about her personal life closely guarded, but on tonight's Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Ronnie made it his mission to get her to open up about them.

"We'll talk out of here -- I don't want to be on camera with this," Jenni insisted at the bar, after Ron brought up her relationship issues with Roger and asked how she "fell in love."

"It's already out there, so just..." he responded, before she interrupted with, "We don't talk about it here though."

Ronnie's wish? A moment when Jenni will confide in him. But it went deeper for Ron: In addition to the group helping him through a little trouble in paradise of his own, the father alluded to how the gang recently rallied around Mike when he was sentenced to eight months in prison and how they've shown up for Deena throughout her pregnancy. The Bronx native also speaks from experience when he says it's better to work through your struggles with those who care.

"Jenni wants to brush it under the rug and make believe it doesn't exist," he said. "When you f*cking brush enough dirt under the rug, do you know what happens to the rug? It builds up and it builds up, and all this sh*t eventually comes out."

Should Ron respect Jenni's privacy, or is he right to encourage her to open up? Give us your thoughts, then catch an all-new Jersey Shore: Family Vacation next Thursday at 8/7c.