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Happy Birthday, Pharrell! Here Are 17 Times Skateboard P Made Us 'Happy'

Thanks for helping us feel like a room without a roof, P.

There are so many reasons to wish Pharrell a happy birthday.

Skateboard P is one of the most respected producers in music today. Sure, he started in rap and r&b, but he's also been able to take his talents and influence to many genres, proving that he can dominate while being versatile. I mean, he's even become a fashion icon who's brought magic to movies.

And through the years, while breaking records and making hits, P has given us many reasons to be "Happy" about his greatness. Here are just a few of the times that Pharrell has given us reasons celebrate.

  1. That Time Pharrell Made Us 'Happy' For 24 Hours

    In 2013, Pharrell (literally) made our day by dropping a star-studded 24-hour video for "Happy." He dedicated a whole site for it that's actually still running.

  2. Back When Pharrell And Timbaland Formed A Group (In High School)

    Pharrell, Timbaland and Magoo had a group in high school? Yep, and listening to Surrounded By Idiots (S.B.I.) lets us know how far they've come.

  3. When He Introduced Us To 'The Hat'

    From helping launch the BAPE and BBC trends to giving us "The Hat" that Arby's loved, Pharrell is pretty much a fashion icon.

    After being the subject of hilarious memes and questions about what he was hiding in there, Skateboard P made sporting large hats a cool trend that even Chris Brown had to follow. Now, Pharrell's hat will even be in a museum. Look at what Malcolm McLaren helped start.

  4. The Day He Gave N.O.R.E. The 'Superthug' Beat

    "Superthug" helped N.O.R.E. jumpstart his solo career, but it was also a very important moment for The Neptunes that remains as ill today as it was when it was released in 1998.

    Thankfully, it wasn't the last time N.O.R.E. and P connected as we've also benefitted from their collabs like “Finito,” “Nothin’,” “Grimy,” and “Oh No.”

  5. When He Co-Created N.E.R.D.

    Pharrell wasn't happy with just having The Neptunes, so he created the influential N.E.R.D. crew.

    Last year, P gave us hope for even more N.E.R.D. material with "Squeeze Me," a cut he compared to music by The Beatles. Can't blame us for wanting more from N.E.R.D.

  6. That Time He Helped Write ‘Rump Shaker’

    Wreckx-N-Effect's "Rump Shaker" is an iconic classic that can still rock a party. Thanks to Ty Fyffe's Rolling Stone interview, we know P wrote Teddy Riley's rhymes on the track, making it an early sign of his Midas touch.

  7. The Day He Helped Name North West

    Kanye West and Kim Kardashian admitted that they weren’t really gonna name their daughter North until Pharrell told them it was “the best name.” Then KimYe got a co-sign from Anna Wintour and the rest is history.

  8. When Pharrell Finally Married Helen Lasichanh
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    It was good to see P marry the love of his life, model Helen Lasichanh, in 2013.

  9. The Day He Introduced Us To The Clipse

    After working with The Clipse on the vaulted Exclusive Audio Footage, P introduced the world to Malice and Pusha-T on Lord Willin’ with “Grindin’” and “When The Last Time.” Soon after that, The Clipse became a bonafide superstar duo in the game.

  10. That Time He Helped Justin Timberlake Break Out Of The Nsync Box

    When Justin Timberlake left Nsync, he got some of the best producers in the game to help him map out his solo career. The Neptunes and Timbaland worked together to shape JT’s new sound and the results from those sessions with Skateboard P and Chad Hugo were hits like “Señorita” and “Rock Your Body.”

  11. Every Time He Teamed Up With Jay Z

    It seems like Jay Z and Pharrell are always working on “something crazy,” right?

  12. When He Brought Magic To The Movies

    Pharrell runs music already so it makes sense that he would venture into the film world and he's made his mark on “Despicable Me 2” and “The Amazing Spider-Man 2."

  13. The Times He Helped You ‘Get Lucky’

    When Pharrell teamed up with Daft Punk, you had to expect greatness. And when they worked together, they delivered. Together, P and DP helped you "Lose Yourself To Dance" and they helped you "Get Lucky" with hits off Random Access Memories. And they're grateful to have worked together just like we're thankful that they did.

  14. The Day He Joined 'The Voice'

    "The Voice" was already great, but you have to admit that Pharrell's addition to "The Voice" team really changed the game and upped the show's star power even more.

  15. When He Made A UN Speech About Happiness
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    What was P's message about? Happiness, of course. “Music brought me happiness,” Williams said, according to The N.Y. Daily News. “Happiness is your birthright.”

  16. The Day Pharrell Went Solo

    We love The Neptunes and N.E.R.D. but we also always secretly hoped for a solo Pharrell album.

  17. When He Showed The World The Greatness In Versatility

    This is the gift that keeps on giving. Throughout his career, Pharrell has managed to be great while being versatile. He's worked with and performed with artists of various genres, from Rick Ross, Cuban Link, Slim Thug and Ma$e to Adam Lambert, Sting, Miley Cyrus and Madonna. He sees no boundaries and that's just another reason to be 'happy' that he's a part of the musical landscape.