Pharrell's 24-Hour 'Happy' Video Will Make Your Day (Literally)

Skateboard P's new vid is interactive — and a full day long.

If you want to be grinning for the next 24 hours, you better get happy — or, rather, "Happy." Yup, Pharrell Williams has released a 24-hour-long interactive music video for his "Despicable Me 2" soundtrack offering, and it's just crammed with dancing.

When you first fire up the dedicated site where the "Happy" video lives, you'll be greeted with a kind of clock face — stretching from sunrise to sunset — superimposed over footage of various folks dancing. Presumably — we have yet to watch the whole thing — the video contains 24 hours of dance, complete with special guests Odd Future, Magic Johnson, Steve Carrell, Jamie Foxx, Kelly Osbourne, Jimmy Kimmel and more. Skateboard P., naturally, also sashays through.

Users can click through to different times on the clock face to take in an array of moments as the song plays on loop. They also have the ability to comment on certain sections and share moments via Twitter and Facebook.

The whole deal was directed by We Are From L.A., which made Cassius's interactive video and app "I Love You So," and produced by Iconoclast.

Musicians are really upping the game lately when it comes to interactive music videos — from Arcade Fire's meta video for "Reflektor" to Bob Dylan's pop culture-referencing "Like A Rolling Stone." And let's not forget Queens Of The Stone Age's creeptastic video for "The Vampyre Of Time And Memory."

Williams' video, however, is one of the most ambitious that we've seen, as it requires 24 hours of (usable) footage to function.

You can check out a few hours of straight footage via Pharrell's I Am Other YouTube channel as well, but we recommend turning on the interactive version and getting happy until the weekend comes.