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Why It's Time Pharrell Williams Joins Rihanna And Lady Gaga As A Fashion Icon

Kanye West gets a lot of attention when it comes to male musicians breaking into the fashion industry, but over the past decade, Pharrell Williams has quietly become a full-fledged insider—from building Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream with BAPE's Nigo way back in 2005 to his recent strides in making Bionic Yarn a viable fashion material. Now, Skateboard P will finally be recognized for his contributions to the industry. He'll be joining the ranks of Rihanna and Lady Gaga in receiving a Fashion Icon award from the CFDA—the same award that gifted us with Rihanna's crystal-covered Adam Selman dress last year.

Considering Pharrell has the same ability to create ~lasting~ moments with his outfits, he'll definitely be getting people talking with whatever he wears for the occasion. So, ahead of the ceremony, which takes place June 1, we're looking back at some of P's greatest fashion hits.

  • He had the most iconic hat of this decade at the 2014 Grammys, which is now in a museum.
  • He also had the most iconic shorts suit of this decade at the 2014 Oscars.
  • Actually, he's figured out a record number of ways to wear shorts suits.
  • Seriously, he's even worn a shorts suit that can deflect cameras.
  • He's found a record number of ways to wear shorts in general, like the ones he hand-painted for Coachella.
  • TBH, there is nothing he won't hand paint.
  • You name it, he's painted it.
  • But the coolest part is that his doodles have positive messages.
  • Unrelated: Remember trucker hats? You can pretty much thank Pharrell (and Ashton Kutcher) for that trend.
  • Not to mention the bucket hat revival.
  • You name the hat, he's championed it.
  • He's also championed Chanel for men.
  • Karl Lagerfeld, who let him customize his Chanel necklaces, is basically on his speed dial.
  • Skateboard P has always used fashion and style as a means to amplify his identity.
  • And accordingly, he's been a mainstay at fashion events for the past decade.