Where Did Pharrell Get The Idea For His Grammy Hat? Watch This Classic Hip-Hop Video

Pharrell's Grammy hat is a nod to early hip-hop musician Malcolm McLaren.

Pharrell Williams cleaned up at the 2014 Grammy Award on Sunday night, but it was the multiplatinum producer's hat that absolutely stole the show.

Skateboard P's big, billowy, brown hat spawned a ton of Twitter jokes and Internet memes, but Williams' fashion faux pas wasn't just meant to shock and awe: Pharrell paid homage to hip-hop's heyday with his headwear. In fact, Willams' entire outfit was mirrored after a b-boy who appeared in Malcolm McLaren and The World's Famous Supreme Team's music video for their 1982 hit "Buffalo Girls."

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Those unfamiliar with the classic hip-hop track may remember Eminem's sampling of the track on his 2002 single "Without Me." It's a deep dig, but one that wasn't lost on Pharrell, who donned the very same red Adidas-style track jacket and hat found in the video below.

Watch Here: