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Super Made: Moto-X
Season 8 E 7 • 10/07/2007
Ashley is a laid back teen who's out of shape and loves being lazy. Instead of sticking around the schoolyard practicing a sport or rehearsing for a school play, she'd rather be by herself. She admits to failing gym class and being scared of her own shadow. She wants to get involved in more school activities but her fear is holding her back, so Ashley asks MADE to help build up her courage and branch out. On the flip side is Jessica, who's physically fit and a social butterfly. She's on the cheerleading squad and track team and loves yoga and shopping. But despite having a packed social schedule, most of her classmates think she's a total ditz, and Jessica wants to prove them wrong. She wants be MADE to show people she's strong, intelligent and capable of fending for herself. So, how exactly can MADE help both a lazy loner and a ditzy cheerleader change their reputations? One word: motocross. If there's any way to have these two ladies strengthen their bodies and minds, it's by flying through the air at 60 miles an hour. It'll teach them to be stronger and tougher and take themselves more seriously. It doesn't take long for rumors to spread through the school that two opposites like Ashley and Jessica are both taking on the same challenge. The kids can't stop talking about who will come out on top. Place your bets, ladies and gents ... this is going to be one wild dirt bike battle! Meeting for the first time, Ashley and Jessica wait for their MADE coach. As the time slowly ticks by, it's obvious these two completely clash. But, thankfully, a dirt bike comes barreling toward them just in time, skidding to a stop right before their toes. Their MADE coach is Ryan Hughes, a 10 time Supercross champion. Ryan makes Ashley and Jessica pinky swear that they'll dedicate a month of their lives to training and being MADE into a dynamic motocross duo. He tells them that at the end of their training they'll race each other. With both girls' reputations on the line, the stakes are high. Then, MADE coach Ryan flings the covers off their new bikes, allowing Ashley and Jessica to jump on and learn the basics. As the girls fight about who gets the pink bike and who gets the blue one, Ryan can already see the competitive drive starting to burn inside them. When he realizes Jessica knows nothing about dirt bikes, he starts with the bare essentials, pointing out buttons and mechanical parts. Ashley, on the other hand, already knows a thing or two about motocross since she grew up in "a dirt bike family." Coach Ryan sends Ashley and Jessica to a mountain bike class with Team Drexel. The team takes the girls for a ride on a woodsy, rocky road. Cheerleader Jessica, more physically in tune with her body, makes it through the course without a scratch. Ashley, on the other hand, can hardly stay on her bike. She constantly crashes into bushes and falls off, leaving Ryan to believe she should focus on training her body before getting on a bike again. To start her training, Ashley meets Val, a former WNBA champ. When Val makes Ashley run a mile, Ashley's laziness kicks in and she starts complaining. Meanwhile, Jessica takes her MADE coach, Ryan, for a ride on the back of her bike, and he's impressed with her ability to maintain her balance and speed. Ashley's really going to have to step it up if she wants to beat Jessica in the final showdown. After her ride with coach Ryan Hughes, it's clear that Ashley is overcome by fear and anxiety. Ryan knows that she's much better at the sport than she's letting on, but her nerves are getting in the way of her really controlling the bike. Meanwhile, there's trouble in paradise for Jessica when she finds out that if she misses two cheerleading practices, she'll be kicked off the squad. Will this interfere with her MADE training? To get them revved up, MADE coach Ryan takes Ashley and Jessica to a junior motocross race. He wants to see how much they know about the sport, so he tells them they'll be commentating on the race to the crowd. Jessica is up first, and she totally blows her turn at the mic by not knowing a thing about what's going on. A more intuitive Ashley gives it her all as round two begins, and Ryan can see she has the spunk and motocross smarts that Jessica lacks. After the race, Ryan tells Ashley and Jessica that they must go to school all decked out in their gear so that they feel like a real motocrosser. Jessica can't believe she can't wear her perfectly picked out outfit -- after all, she is a cheerleader and is expected to look good. As Jessica pitches a fit, Ashley embraces the idea and accessorizes. At school, Jessica doesn't quite wear what Ryan told her to, and he's not happy. When Ryan asks Jessica why she's wearing a skirt, she says she wants to wear the gear her way. Her attitude makes a bad impression on her MADE coach. After Ryan makes an announcement over the school's intercom, inviting everyone to come to Ashley and Jessica's head-to-head motocross match, he is whisked away for some important business. The girls are left in the hands of his assistant MADE coach, Jason. While practicing with Jason, Ashley bombs on the racecourse, freaking out every time she falls down. Her rival, Jessica, arrives late because of cheerleading practice, which ticks Jason off. Although she seems to be a natural at motocross racing, Jessica doesn't give 100%, ultimately limiting her performance. Later, Ashley makes fliers to attract her friends and fellow students to the big race. When Jessica doesn't attempt to publicize the event, she receives a call from Ryan. He challenges her to write a motocross cheer to perform in front of her peers. But when Jessica ditches her meeting with Ryan, he shows up at her cheerleading practice. Emotions run high as Jessica snubs Ryan and he leaves alone. After feeling bad about ditching her MADE coach, Jessica finally performs the cheer she wrote. With their training days coming to an end, Ashley and Jessica must cram to get their motocross skills in check. As Ashley takes off during her last practice, she wobbles from side to side and falls off her bike, screaming and crying out in pain after hurting her shoulder. After being rushed to the hospital, her mother isn't sure if she wants her daughter racing anymore. Could this motocross showdown turn into nothing but a whole lot of hype? The next day, coach Ryan visits Ashley to make sure she's OK and still wants to race. Ashley says she doesn't care if her arm falls off, she's going to go through with the race. The day of the big motocross race, Ashley's and Jessica's friends and family come out to support them. But right out of the gate, Ashley clips the back of Jessica's bike, causing her to spin out and tip over. Although Ashley gets back up, Jessica's in the lead for the rest of the race and crosses the finish line first, but both girls felt like winners. After it's all over, Ashley and Jessica reflect on what they have accomplished and agree they have changed for the better. Jessica, the ditzy cheerleading princess, has proven there's more to her than meets the eye. Ashley, the lazy loner, has blossomed into a hard-working, enthusiastic team player. Looks like MADE has done it once again.